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UTV Bill of Sale

Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) Bill of Sale Template

Use a UTV Bill of Sale to transfer ownership of a UTV and formalize the sale between a buyer and a seller.

The sale of a utility task vehicle (UTV) requires a precise legal agreement that demonstrates all relevant information.

Even though some people think this transaction needs a less formal bill of sale than one for a car, truck, or motorbike bill of sale, the rules for UTV vehicle registration and taxes are the same.

A formal UTV bill of sale guarantees that all the details and signatures necessary to finalize the deal are there.

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A UTV Bill of Sale: What Is It?

The legal exchange of a specific vehicle for recompense, usually money, is documented by a UTV bill of sale.

The purpose of the bill of sale is to formally record the agreement between the buyer and seller. It contains crucial details including the buyer and seller's names and addresses.

To prove that ownership has changed hands, specifics like the year, make, and model as well as the vehicle identification number (VIN) are necessary.

When registering the model, purchasers can provide proof of ownership using the UTV bill of sale they get.

How to Write a UTV Bill of Sale

It's not uncommon for sellers to use a UTV bill of sale template to speed up the writing process when creating a UTV bill of sale. The information required to complete the transaction is provided in a free, printable template.

By using a trustworthy bill of sale template, you can be certain that you won't leave out any details that the buyer might need for the vehicle's registration or insurance. Usually, the following items must be listed on a UTV bill of sale:

  • Date: The UTV bill of sale must be dated to reflect the time the transaction actually occurs. The make, model, year, type, and color of the UTV are listed in this section.
  • VIN and Plate: The VIN is normally stamped along the passenger side, towards the rear, of the UTV. Locate this number, then include it on the UTV bill of sale. Include the UTV's number plate number as well, if it is currently registered.
  • Odometer: Just as with a car, verify the UTV's mileage and record it on the sales document.
  • Purchase Price: For tax and registration purposes, it is critical to include the entire purchase price. Putting a tick in the box next to the payment type can assist in settling disputes after the sale.

There should be lines at the bottom of a digital or printable UTV bill of sale PDF to further identify the parties involved.

Names, addresses, phone numbers, and signatures of both the buyer and the seller are required to complete the transaction.

Some states might call for a notary. Bring your ID if a notary is required, and hold off on signing the UTV bill of sale until you are in their presence.

Writing a UTV Bill of Sale

By using a UTV bill of sale template, you can write your document more quickly and legally without making any mistakes. By following these steps, sellers can customize the information in the various areas of our template for their specific sale.

Step 1: Get the free printable UTV bill of sale.

Step 2: Enter the purchasing price.

Step 3: Include the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the buyer and the seller.

Step 4: Enter the manufacturer, model, year, style, color, mileage, number plate number, and VIN.

Step 5: Specify any additional information or conditions in writing.

Step 6: Seal the deal by signing and dating the buy and selling agreement.

UTV Bill of Sale Sample

The selling process is simplified with a standardized UTV bill of sale form. Our UTV bill of sale template is an exact instruction manual that guarantees buyers and sellers complete a legitimate and enforceable contract.

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