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Mobile Home Bill of Sale

Mobile Home Bill of Sale

Utilize our template to generate a mobile home bill of sale, ensuring a comprehensive record of your transaction and reducing the risk of legal complications.

If you're contemplating the sale or purchase of a mobile or manufactured home, utilizing a Mobile Home Bill of Sale form is a prudent step.

This legally binding document acts as an official record of the transaction, safeguarding both the seller and buyer from potential disputes regarding ownership in the future.

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What is a Mobile (Manufactured) Home Bill of Sale?

A Mobile (Manufactured) Home Bill of Sale is a crucial legal document utilized in the sale and transfer of ownership of a mobile or manufactured home. This document encompasses vital elements such as detailed information about the buyer and seller, specifics regarding the mobile home, the agreed purchase price, and the date when the sale took place. It serves as a binding record of this important transaction.

A Mobile Home Bill of Sale typically contains the following critical information:

  1. Seller and Buyer Details: Comprehensive identifying information about both the seller and the buyer.
  1. Mobile Home Description: A detailed description of the mobile home, specifying its type, such as single-wide, double-wide, or triple-wide.
  1. Purchase Price: The agreed-upon purchase price for the mobile home.
  1. Additional Sale Terms: Any other relevant terms and conditions associated with the sale, including provisions related to inspections or warranties.
  1. Signatures: Signatures of both the seller and the buyer, solidifying their agreement.
  1. Witness Signatures: In some cases, witnessing signatures, such as those of a notary public, to authenticate the document.

Why Do I Need a Mobile Home Bill of Sale?

In various situations, having a Mobile Home Bill of Sale is essential for the following reasons:

  1. Title Registration: To register your mobile home with the state authorities and obtain a title in your name, you typically need a copy of the bill of sale. It serves as a crucial document in the registration process.
  1. Proof of Ownership: The bill of sale acts as concrete proof that you have legally acquired ownership of the manufactured home. It safeguards your rights and verifies your status as the rightful owner.
  1. Transaction Record: It serves as an official record of the transaction, documenting important details like the purchase price, buyer and seller information, and the date of the sale. This record can be invaluable in various legal and administrative scenarios.

Having a Mobile Home Bill of Sale not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also provides you with peace of mind regarding your ownership of the property.

How to Sell a Mobile Home

Selling a mobile or manufactured home involves several essential steps to ensure a smooth transaction. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Determine Your Mobile Home's Value

Estimating your mobile home's value is crucial. You can use various methods, such as comparing recent sales of similar mobile homes in your area, utilizing online resources like Zillow or Craigslist, or even hiring a professional appraiser. Remember to include the value of any land if it's part of the sale.

Step 2: Decide How to Advertise and Sell

You have two main options: hiring a real estate agent or selling it yourself. While an agent can handle advertising and paperwork, it comes with a commission fee. Selling it yourself allows you to keep all the proceeds but requires more effort. Prepare your mobile home by making necessary repairs and thoroughly cleaning it. Capture high-quality photos for your listing, including interior and exterior shots.

In your listing description, include key details such as the mobile home's year, size, square footage, manufacturer, style, roof material, included appliances, and your contact information. Advertise online, in local classifieds, and with in-yard "For Sale" signs.

Step 3: Schedule Showings

Arrange viewings for interested buyers. Declutter and stage your mobile home to make it inviting and appear more spacious.

Step 4: Negotiate the Terms

When a buyer expresses interest, negotiate the sale price and other terms. Discuss important factors like whether the mobile home stays on the property or will be moved, the inclusion of appliances or furniture, the closing date, and whether an inspection is required.

Step 5: Buyer's Inspection

Most buyers will request a professional inspection, which may be paid for by either party. The inspector will assess various aspects of the mobile home, including the foundation, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, siding, and roof. They will provide a report to the buyer, typically within 48 hours.

Step 6: Set a Closing Date

Once the inspection passes, both buyer and seller must agree on a closing date. Ensure you have sufficient time to remove your belongings from the mobile home. At the closing, provide the buyer with the necessary documents to transfer ownership, including a signed-over title, mobile home bill of sale, past inspection reports, repair and maintenance records, and lien releases. The buyer should come prepared with the agreed-upon payment.

Step 7: Register the Mobile Home

In most states, mobile homes located on land owned by someone other than the owner require registration with the state. This process is similar to registering a motor vehicle and typically takes place at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. You'll need proof of ownership, past registration, insurance, a government-issued ID, and the necessary registration fees and sales tax.

By following these steps, you can successfully sell your mobile home while ensuring a smooth and legally compliant transaction.

How to Write a Mobile Home Bill of Sale

A Mobile Home Bill of Sale is a vital document when selling or buying a mobile or manufactured home. It legally records the transfer of ownership and safeguards both the seller and buyer. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create one:

Step 1 – Seller and Buyer Information

At the beginning of the Mobile Home Bill of Sale, include the full legal names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of both the seller and buyer. To ensure accuracy and authenticity, both parties should provide photo identification to each other for verification purposes. This step is crucial for confirming the identities of the parties involved in the transaction.

Step 2 – Mobile Home Information

Provide comprehensive details about the mobile home being sold. Include the following information:

  • Model: Specify the model of the mobile home.
  • Make: Indicate the make or manufacturer of the mobile home.
  • Year: State the year when the mobile home was manufactured.
  • Price: Clearly mention the agreed-upon purchase price for the mobile home.
  • Color: Describe the color of the mobile home.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): Include the unique VIN of the mobile home, which can typically be found on the mobile home's title and other documents.
  • Odometer Reading: If applicable, record the mileage or odometer reading of the mobile home.
  • Condition: Include any additional notes about the mobile home's condition, special features, or important disclosures, such as known defects or repairs made.

Step 3 – Signatures

After entering all relevant mobile home details, both the seller and buyer must proceed to sign the Mobile Home Bill of Sale. Additionally, they should print their names and date the document to confirm the agreement's validity and completion.

Depending on your state's requirements, it may be necessary to involve witnesses and a notary public to verify the authenticity of the signatures. In some regions, notarization is mandatory for certain transactions, ensuring an extra layer of legal protection and credibility.

By carefully following these steps and accurately documenting the necessary information, you can create a Mobile Home Bill of Sale that serves as a legally binding record of the mobile home's sale, protecting both parties involved in the transaction. Always be aware of your state's specific regulations and requirements regarding mobile home sales to ensure compliance with local laws.


How do you write a bill of sale for a mobile home in Florida?

To write a bill of sale for a mobile home in Florida:

  1. Include the full names and addresses of both the buyer and the seller.
  1. Describe the mobile home, including its make, model, year, identification number (VIN), and any other relevant details.
  1. Specify the purchase price and any agreed-upon terms.
  1. Sign and date the bill of sale. Both parties should sign it in the presence of a notary public if required by Florida law.
  1. Keep a copy for both the buyer and the seller as proof of the transaction.

It's important to consult with a legal professional or reference Florida's specific requirements to ensure compliance with state regulations when creating a mobile home bill of sale.

How do I get a title for a mobile home in SC?

To get a title for a mobile home in South Carolina:

  1. Complete the Application for Title and Registration (Form 400) provided by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV).
  1. Include the required supporting documents, such as a bill of sale, previous title (if applicable), and any lien release documents.
  1. Pay the applicable fees and taxes, which can vary based on factors like the mobile home's value and whether it's new or used.
  1. Submit your application and supporting documents to the SCDMV office in person or by mail.
  1. Once the application is processed, you will receive a mobile home title in your name.

Ensure you follow the specific guidelines provided by the SCDMV and consider consulting with them directly or seeking legal advice for any unique circumstances related to your mobile home title.

How to Use a Mobile Home Bill of Sale?

Once all inspections have been successfully completed, and the payment has been exchanged, it's customary for both the seller and the buyer to complete and sign the mobile home bill of sale.

For added legal security, it's advisable to have the signatures of both parties witnessed by a notary public. This ensures the document's authenticity and can help address any potential legal concerns in the future.

Following the completion of the bill of sale, the buyer will need to take both the title and the mobile home bill of sale to their local title and registration office. This step is essential for transferring the title of the mobile home into the buyer's name, finalizing the sale, and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

What forms do I need to sell my mobile home in California?

To sell your mobile home in California, you generally need the following forms:

  1. Mobile Home Bill of Sale: This document serves as proof of the sale and includes important details like the buyer and seller's information, mobile home description, purchase price, and date of sale.
  1. Transfer of Title (Form 476): This form is used to transfer the title of the mobile home from the seller to the buyer. Both parties need to complete and sign this form.
  1. HCD Form 433A: This form is required for mobile homes in California to comply with the Housing and Community Development (HCD) requirements. It verifies that the mobile home is in compliance with safety and construction standards.
  1. Statement of Facts (Form REG 256): This form may be required if there are any specific facts or conditions about the sale that need to be disclosed.
  1. Property Tax Clearance Certificate: Depending on your county, you might need this certificate to confirm that all property taxes are paid up to date.

Please note that mobile home sale requirements may vary depending on the specific circumstances and location within California. It's advisable to contact the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) or consult with a legal professional to ensure you have the correct forms and follow the proper procedures when selling your mobile home.

Can I create a mobile home bill of sale online?

Certainly. Get started today by using our convenient mobile home bill of sale template. You can easily access and download the form in PDF format to initiate the process.

Sample Mobile Home Bill of Sale

This Mobile Home Bill of Sale ("Agreement") is made and entered into on [Date of Agreement], by and between:

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