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Are you struggling to request signatures for documents seamlessly?

When Hand-signing slows you down
Print out the requested document, sign by hand, rescan and email it back. What a nightmare.
When other apps annoy you
Signatures made easy, no fuss or hassle. We'll get you signed up, quick as a tassel!
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We've got you covered!

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For the Sender

After Signing up, add the email of the recipient you want to get your PDF document signed from, add their Name and any other Message you'd want to send them
Add additional details for the signature request email.
Upload the PDF document you want to get signed, then you can either save as a draft and edit it later, or click next.
Place the signature field, on the position you want the signatures in, click on send and the receiver will get the request email.
You will then be able to see the signature and can download the PDF.

For the Receiver

Receiver gets email, where a message from the sender will be displayed , just click on Sign Now to continue.
The user can then draw a signature, upload a signature to sign or add signature as text, after signing all the required spaces for the signer will be filled and will be updated in the requesters dashboard.
The Doc has been signed, and its on to the races!


Features that actually save you time and clicks, effortless and simple as it should be

Seamless Document Upload
Users can effortlessly upload their documents directly into the platform.
Multi-Recipient Signature Requests
Send signature requests to multiple individuals, allowing collaboration and simultaneous signing on a single document.
Customizable Emails
Customize and personalize the email sent to recipients, adding a touch of professionalism or creativity to the signature request.
Versatile Signature Options
Recipients have the flexibility to choose how they sign the document. They can draw their signature using a mouse or touchscreen, upload a pre-made signature image, or simply type it as text.
Real-Time Dashboard Updates
The sender can instantly track the progress of signature requests and receive notifications when documents are signed. A comprehensive dashboard provides an overview of all pending and completed signatures.
Version Control
Keep track of document versions and revisions to ensure transparency and accuracy throughout the signing process.
Secure and Legally Binding
Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive documents and ensure the legality and validity of the electronic signatures.
Audit Trail
Maintain a detailed audit trail that records all activities related to the document, including who viewed, signed, or made changes.
User-Friendly Interface
Provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire signature process, reducing the learning curve for users.

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