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Enhanced Form Experience With Seamless Signature Integration
Add signatures directly to your forms and customize themes effortlessly, all within our versatile form editor offering various question options.
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Tailored For Your Entire Team

From sales representatives to IT professionals, HR managers, and legal compliance officers, we provide solutions tailored to every level of your organization.


Streamline your sales process with BoloForms. Close deals faster by sending contracts and documents for electronic signatures, eliminating the need for time consuming paperwork

Human Resources

Collect signatures on new hire paperwork, such as employment contracts, offer letters, tax forms and other documents to streamline your workflow with BoloForms.

IT and Operations

Optimize IT and Operations with BoloForms. Digitalize approval processes, IT requests and operational documentation.

Legal and Compliance

Enhance legal and compliance workflows with BoloForms. Effortlessly sign and manage legal documents, contracts, and agreements securely in a digital environment.


Enhance the communication between parents and teachers with BoloForms. Eliminate the need for in-person visits and manual signature collection.

Real Estate

Improve communication and transparency between tenants and landlords with BoloForms. Reduce errors and omissions by capturing all signatures electronically.

Simplified Signing Experience

With our user-friendly interface, you can sign documents digitally with ease. This not only saves time but also enhances the security of your important documents.


01 Upload


Upload your document


Enter signer details and email message


Click 'Continue'.


02 Signature


Include the Signature Box


position it freely using drag-and-drop


click on send.


03 Recipient


The recipient receives an email with a sender's message and can simply proceed by clicking 'Sign Now'.


04 Finalize


Select the signature box


Either provide your signature or upload an image


then click 'Done' to finalize and submit.

Our Streamlined Features

Seamless Document Upload

Effortless document uploads, done seamlessly within the platform.

Multi-Recipient Signature Requests

Send signature requests to multiple individuals, allowing collaboration and simultaneous signing on a single document.

Customizable Emails

Customize and personalize the email sent to recipients, adding a touch of professionalism or creativity to the signature request.

Versatile Signature Options

Recipients can sign documents their way: draw, upload an image, or type as text.

Real-Time Dashboard Updates

Senders track signature progress and get instant notifications. The dashboard shows pending and completed signatures at a glance.

Version Control

Keep track of document versions and revisions to ensure transparency and accuracy throughout the signing process.

Audit Trail

Maintain a detailed audit trail that records all activities related to the document, including who viewed, signed, or made changes.

User-Friendly Interface

Provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire signature process, reducing the learning curve for users.

Secure and Legally Binding

Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive documents and ensure the legality and validity of the electronic signatures.


“BoloForms transformed document signing with a user-friendly interface, secure e-signatures, and seamless customization, streamlining our procedures.”
Abhay Ranjan, People Operations

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