Secure Online Assessments and Test Reports

Enhance online test security through automated proctoring while adhering to set time limits.

Obtain comprehensive reports for online exams, bolstering their reliability and trustworthiness.


Our Customers

Our Customers

Why Choose BoloForms?


Collaborate Seamlessly with Our Teams Feature

Harness the Potential of Collaboration with Our Teams Feature: Seamlessly Invite Colleagues to Create and Manage Test Forms, Streamlining Teamwork.

Versatile Question Types for Enhanced Test Management

BoloForms offers a wide range of question types, including comprehension, categorize, cloze, and match. Customize your tests easily, ensuring comprehensive evaluation and precise results that match your unique requirements.


How does BoloForms Timer + Proctor work?

1. Create Test

Simplify the process of question creation, answer selection, and scoring allocation using our user-friendly Online Test Builder.


2. Activate Timer

Activate the timer, define the test duration, and establish both the start and end date/time for your assessment.

3. Automated Proctoring

Enhance test security through advanced proctoring capabilities, including screen tracking, camera monitoring, microphone tracking, and additional safeguards.


4. Share Test

Effortlessly distribute your test to students with two convenient options: instantly share the test via email or by copying the link, or seamlessly integrate it into your website or platform using the provided HTML code for easy access to online assessments.

5. View Test Reports

Generate comprehensive individual reports that encompass score and time details, proctoring summaries, as well as a breakdown of questions and answers. These reports are exportable in CSV format for easy data handling.



Effortless and streamlined features designed to save you time and reduce unnecessary clicks, making your experience as simple and intuitive as it should be.

Add Timer

Set time limits for tests, useful for online tests and exams maintaining focus, and preventing excessive time spent on individual questions or sections for students.

Camera Tracking

Camera tracking is designed for proctoring tests, allowing you to see whether the students are looking somewhere else or whether they have another person giving the test with them.

Fully-featured Dashboard

Secure & Simple dashboard to create and manage all your online Tests and Quizzes.

Auto Submit

Our System automatically submits the test once time limit is over ensuring fairness and consistency among students.

Screen tracking

Screen tracking allows you to monitor student activity on their screens during a test. For eg. Whether they have switched a tab or not.

One link for your form!

You can send these exams directly to your students, or create a single link they can use to access the test at any time.

Form Open & Close Date

BoloForms will accept responses for your test within a set time frame with an accuracy down to seconds.

Trust Score

Automatically analyze student anomalies through automated proctoring and assign a trust score along with evidence.


Validate the identity of test takers, it minimizing the risk of impersonation or cheating. Helps maintain credibility and fairness among students.


Boloforms is a great way to create online quizzes for your students. It's easy to use, and the support team is fantastic. I've been using Google Forms for taking tests for my institution BSC Confidence for over 5000+ students, and Boloforms makes it so much easier to create online exams without having to worry about cheating. Proctoring solution is simply amazing (specially the trust score)!
Jeremy Graham,
BSC Confidence
I use Boloforms for Google Classroom to distribute my application form tests. The shareable link that I could just put out like the forms link is so simple and slick! Quilgo is way too complex. Thanks Boloforms team
Christina Holland
Very easy to use for my tuitions. I conduct all my tests using boloforms only now. Timer is accurate and not too flashy which is what I wanted. Recommend!!!
Sasmita Sahoo
I feel sorry for cheaters. Job job <3. This is highly recommended, especially in job interviews for university recruiting.
Rashmi S.

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