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Transcript Request Form

Transcript Request Form

To obtain a copy of your academic record from high school, college, or university, please use our Transcript Request Form.

In order to obtain a copy of their academic records from educational institutions like high schools or colleges, students or former students must fill out a transcript request form. The transcript may be legitimate or not. Official transcripts are frequently sealed in an envelope and bearing the college seal or the signature of the registrar. Unofficial transcripts might not come with an envelope, but they ought to make that distinction clear on the document itself.‌

These forms can also be used by organizations or academic institutions to verify the academic standing of current or former students.

Forms for requesting transcripts are also known as:

  • Form to request an unofficial transcript
  • Request for a certified copy
  • Demand for a high school transcript
  • Requesting a college transcript
  • Request for school records

Table of Contents

What Is a Request for Transcript Form?

A transcript request form asks a school to provide the academic records of a current or former student. It contains information about their grades, the courses they have taken, and their graduation status.

In certain circumstances, you might need to provide documentation of your academic record and enrollment in a program, along with a request for an official academic transcript. It might be required if you are:

  • Submitting a college or high school application
  • Switching schools
  • Making an application to graduate or professional school, such as law or medical school
  • Making a job application

They are aware that having a transcript, whether official or unofficial, is necessary. Depending on the intended application, institutions and employers can only accept one sort of academic transcript. Official academic transcripts are included in a sealed, unopened envelope and mailed immediately to the college or university where you are applying or transferring. They bear the seal of the institution or the signature of the registrar. Unofficial academic transcripts, on the other hand, are generally used by students. Students cannot use them to transfer or apply to another university or college because they are printed on plain paper and lack a Registrar's signature or college seal.

When submitting a transcript request form, the majority of universities and colleges ask for payment. Consult the Registrar of your college or university before submitting your work.

How to Formally Request a Transcript

Write a transcript request letter with the following details included:

  • Complete name of the student
  • Born on [date]
  • Student identification number
  • Dates when I was there
  • Studied courses
  • GPA
  • Grades
  • Scholarships
  • Honors (such as Dean's List)

What Should Be Written on a Transcript Request Form?

You should make sure the following is on your transcript request form in addition to the data mentioned above:

  • Mention that you attended the college. Include your student ID number, the degree or diploma you earned, the attendance dates, and the date of graduation.
  • Mention whether you want an official or unofficial transcript, as appropriate. If necessary, include proof of purchase or payment for the transcript. For information on how to pay for a transcript request, consult your school's policies.
  • If you're requesting a transcript for a job that demands it, a Master's program, or to transfer schools, please specify why you're doing so and identify the organization or firm that is doing so.
  • Indicate whether the request for a transcript is urgent. If necessary, discuss the timeline for the institution to submit the transcript.
  • Give the institution a mailing address where they can send the transcript. Specify your contact details if applicable.

As an alternative, you can follow the instructions in our form builder or in our template for transcript requests.

Advice on Requesting a Transcript

When composing your transcript request letter, keep the following advice in mind:

  • Be succinct and direct at all times. Your letter's body should contain no more than three paragraphs. In order to know what to include with the request letter, speak with your school before you start writing.
  • If your school mandates it, for instance, include a tick with your letter requesting transcripts. Make sure to include those if necessary. Some institutions might additionally want you to complete other documents.
  • If the letter also contains other papers, you should insert a phrase at the end of the letter mentioning the attachments.
  • To give your institution enough time to process the request and produce the transcript, write and send your transcript request letter as soon as you can.‌

FAQs and related inquiries

How do I make a transcript request?

The registrar or guidance office at your school is where you can request an official or unofficial transcript.

The school will provide you with the unofficial transcript if you request one directly. On the other hand, if you request an official transcript, the university will deliver it straight to your company or place of employment. To prevent manipulation, official transcripts are usually provided in sealed envelopes; once the envelope is opened, the transcript is no longer regarded as official.

You might have to fork over a little charge to some post-secondary institutions in order to request and deliver an official transcript. Typically, these costs are processed and paid online using the Registrar's Office portal.

How long will it take to get a transcript requested?

The type of transcript you're requesting will determine how long it takes to process. It can take your present school a day to process your request for an electronic transcript, for instance, if your job or potential school accepts them. It could take up to a week for your institution to process your request for a hard copy transcript.

Sample Transcript Request Form

Here is a sample request letter for a transcript of records that you can reference.

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