Student Recommendation Letter

Student Recommendation Letter

Utilize Our Student Recommendation Letter.

A student recommendation letter, typically authored by a former teacher, serves as a reference detailing a student's work ethic, personality, and interpersonal skills. It holds significance for individuals applying to college, graduate school, MBA programs, or any position where a teacher's endorsement is valuable. The letter, composed by the former teacher, is submitted directly to the entity seeking the reference.

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Types of Student Letters

  1. College (High School Student) Recommendation Letter:
    • Designed for high school students applying to college.
  1. Fraternity Recommendation Letter:
    • Intended for college students seeking membership in an organized group of men.
  1. Graduate School Recommendation Letter:
    • Tailored for individuals with a bachelor’s degree pursuing further studies or a master’s program.
  1. MBA Recommendation Letter:
    • Geared towards those pursuing a Master of Business Administration, often requiring real-world experience.
  1. Scholarship Recommendation Letter:
    • Crafted for students seeking a grant to fund their education.
  1. Sorority Recommendation Letter:
    • Created for college students aspiring to join an organized group of women.

Choosing the Right Recommender

When a student is considering someone to write a recommendation, they should reflect on who they've been closest to among teachers, coaches, or faculty members. The recommendation letter aims to offer schools a glimpse into the student's personality, influencing the admission decision. Therefore, it's advisable to choose someone capable of providing the most personal and insightful recommendations about the student.

Writing Format Guidelines

Ensure the letter is concise and fits on one page, preferably with a letterhead. Structure it with a brief introduction, followed by one to two body paragraphs that elaborate on the student's qualities. Conclude the letter by reiterating your recommendation for the student.


Initiate the letter by clarifying the purpose: identify yourself and specify the recipient. Introduce your connection with the student, including your title, the duration of your association, and the nature of your relationship. Additionally, provide a concise overview of your overall impression of the student.


Dear Admissions Committee,

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse the application of Olivia Johnson for admission to Stanford University. Olivia was under my guidance for four years at Hillside High School, where I have been an instructor in the Mathematics department for over a decade. Witnessing Olivia's growth both academically and personally, I am confident that she would excel in your undergraduate Mathematics program.

Body Paragraph(s)

Delve into the student's commendable qualities, furnishing tangible instances and anecdotes that vividly illustrate these attributes.


Some of the standout qualities that define Olivia are best encapsulated by the words: remarkably dedicated, motivated, and meticulous. Balancing academic pursuits with an active role as the captain of the debate team, Olivia consistently exhibited a strong work ethic. Despite her rigorous schedule, she demonstrated exceptional organizational skills and never failed to submit thorough and thought-provoking assignments. Whether in class discussions or collaborative projects, Olivia consistently emerged as a dynamic and engaged participant, encouraging her peers to explore subjects more profoundly.


Conclude the letter succinctly, summarizing the key points of your recommendation. Reiterate your endorsement of the student and include your contact information, welcoming any inquiries from the review board.


In my decade-long tenure as a Mathematics instructor at Hillside High School, Olivia stands out as one of the most remarkable students I've had the privilege of teaching. I am confident that her exceptional dedication and enthusiasm for mathematics will propel her to great heights in her academic journey and beyond. For any additional details regarding my recommendation, feel free to reach out to me at j.doe@hillside.edu.


John Doe Mathematics Teacher Hillside High School

Some Samples

Sample 1 – College

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am delighted to endorse the application of Meredith Martinez for the esteemed College of Sciences at your university. Serving as Meredith's science club advisor at Bright Horizons High School over the past five years, I have witnessed her transformation into a dedicated and accomplished student.

Meredith's passion for science is evident not only in her academic achievements but also in her active role as the president of the science club. Under her leadership, the club successfully organized and hosted a regional science fair, showcasing the talents and innovative projects of our students. Meredith's ability to foster a collaborative and inspiring environment has been a driving force behind the club's success.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Meredith consistently ranks in the top five of her graduating class, a testament to her exceptional work ethic and commitment to excellence. Her involvement extends beyond the classroom, as she actively participates in community service projects and serves as a mentor to underclassmen.

Meredith's dedication, leadership, and academic prowess make her an outstanding candidate for the College of Sciences. I wholeheartedly recommend her for admission to your university and believe she will excel in contributing to the academic community.

For any further information or inquiries regarding my recommendation of Meredith Martinez, please feel free to contact me at s.adams@brighthorizons.edu.


Sandra Adams

Science Club Advisor, Biology Teacher

Sample 2 – Graduate School

June 17, 2022 Dr. John Miller Professor of Economics Yale University 245 York St New Haven, CT 06511 j.miller@yale.edu

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to express my enthusiastic endorsement for Ethan Turner, an exceptional student I had the privilege of teaching during his undergraduate studies at Yale University. I believe that Ethan possesses the qualities and academic prowess to excel in the Master of Economics program at Harvard University and make significant contributions to the academic community.

During his time at Yale, Ethan consistently impressed me with his analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to academic excellence. In my capacity as his professor for several advanced economics courses, I observed his ability to grasp complex economic concepts and apply them in a nuanced manner. Ethan's active participation in class discussions and his insightful questions consistently elevated the academic environment.

What sets Ethan apart is not only his aptitude for academic success but also his dedication to expanding his knowledge beyond the classroom. He delves into economic research, engages with current economic debates, and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the broader economic landscape. His research papers and projects consistently reflect a deep commitment to understanding economic principles and their real-world implications.

I am confident that Ethan Turner's passion for economics and his analytical acumen make him an ideal candidate for the Master of Economics program at Harvard University. I wholeheartedly recommend him for admission and am excited to witness the impact he will undoubtedly have on the field.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information or insights into Ethan's academic journey.


Dr. John Miller

Sample 3 – Fraternity

Jack White Delta Sigma Phi House 456 Fraternity Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90021 June 16, 2022

Jordan Miller Delta Sigma Phi Recruitment University College

Dear Jordan,

I am delighted to write this letter recommending my cousin, Max White, to join the esteemed brotherhood of Delta Sigma Phi at University College. Max is currently a freshman majoring in environmental science, and I believe he would be an excellent addition to our fraternity.

I have known Max for several years and can attest to his strong character, commitment, and positive demeanor. He has a reputation for being reliable, approachable, and dedicated to his endeavors. Max's involvement in various high school activities showcased his leadership skills and his ability to work effectively within a team.

During high school, Max actively participated in the Science Club and served as the treasurer for the Environmental Awareness Society. His passion for environmental issues and his dedication to community service made a significant impact. Notably, Max initiated and led a successful campus cleanup campaign, demonstrating his ability to take the initiative and inspire others.

I am confident that Max's qualities align with the values of Delta Sigma Phi, and he would contribute positively to our fraternity's vibrant community. If you have any questions or require additional information about Max, please feel free to contact me.


Jack White

Sample 4 – Sorority

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Emily Rodriguez, whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for the last 14 years of her life. As her childhood friend and close confidante, I've witnessed Emily evolve into a driven and sociable individual with numerous achievements to her name. As a longstanding member of Sigma Theta Tau, I am confident that Emily would be an excellent addition to Ohio University's Sigma Theta Tau chapter.

In high school, Emily showcased her exceptional leadership skills as the captain of the debate team, leading them to victory in multiple regional competitions. Her ability to unite the team and guide them to success was evident in their first-place recognition in both individual and team events. Alongside her academic achievements, maintaining a stellar 3.9 GPA with a challenging course load, Emily's determination to excel in all her pursuits sets her apart. She consistently strives for excellence, whether in academics, her involvement in school clubs, or her leadership role in the debate team. Emily embodies a winning spirit in every aspect of her life.

Emily's infectious personality and commitment to personal growth make her a joy to be around. Her passion for self-improvement and her desire to bring out the best in herself aligns perfectly with the values of Sigma Theta Tau. I believe Emily's qualities would make her an outstanding member of your sisterhood. Please feel free to contact me at judyrod@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Judy Rodriguez

Sample 5 – MBA

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am delighted to endorse John Smith for admission to Tulane University's MBA program. I had the pleasure of working closely with John during his tenure at XYZ Solutions, where I served as his supervisor. John joined our team as a financial analyst and quickly ascended to the role of senior financial manager, showcasing exceptional skills in finance, critical thinking, and leadership.

Upon joining the company, John formulated a comprehensive financial plan, efficiently managing our business accounts and streamlining our financial processes. His astute judgment and ability to navigate complex financial scenarios greatly contributed to the success and growth of our organization. Despite being one of the youngest members on the team, John's confidence and expertise positioned him as a natural leader, earning the respect of his colleagues.

The remarkable progress achieved by our company during John's tenure is a testament to his outstanding contributions. His qualifications and achievements make him an ideal candidate for pursuing an MBA, and I am confident that he will excel in your program. For any further information regarding my recommendation, please feel free to contact me via email ( robert@xyzsolutions.com).

Best regards,

Robert Smith

Sample 6 – Scholarship

June 17, 2022 James D. Anderson History Teacher Riverside High School 180 Main St. Riverside, CA 92501

To the Jane Doe Scholarship Committee,

I am thrilled to recommend Michael Johnson, one of the standout students I've had the pleasure of teaching throughout my 25-year career as a high school history teacher. Michael excelled in my World History and U.S. History classes during his sophomore and junior years, demonstrating a keen interest in historical events and a strong commitment to academic excellence. If selected for the Jane Doe Scholarship, I am confident that Michael will continue to make significant contributions to the field of history.

From the moment Michael entered my World History class, his passion for the subject matter was evident. He actively participated in class discussions, demonstrating a deep understanding of historical events and their broader implications. His written assignments were consistently thoughtful and well-researched, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence.

As a member of the History Club that I advise, Michael took on a leadership role, organizing events and discussions that enhanced the historical knowledge of our student body. His ability to engage with diverse perspectives and foster a sense of camaraderie within the club was truly commendable.

I believe that Michael's enthusiasm for history, coupled with his strong analytical skills, makes him an ideal candidate for the Jane Doe Scholarship. I am confident that he will thrive in his pursuit of higher education and contribute meaningfully to the study of history. Please feel free to contact me at james.anderson@riversidehs.edu if you have any questions regarding my recommendation.


James D. Anderson


How do you recommend a student for college?

Five Tips for Crafting a Letter of Recommendation for a Student

  1. Outline your connection with the student.
  1. Offer concrete examples highlighting the student's skills and dedication.
  1. Avoid ambiguous language and generic phrases.
  1. Tailor your recommendation to the particular college or job.
  1. Provide context or anecdotes that showcase the student's character and achievements.

What is a letter of recommendation for an okay student?

Letter of Recommendation Samples for Students In crafting a recommendation for an okay student, focus on highlighting any positive qualities, academic achievements, interpersonal skills, work ethic, and character traits. Emphasize the skills and qualifications that align with the requirements of the job or program the student is applying for.

Can students read letters of recommendation?

If the person writing the recommendation keeps it on file, it becomes part of the student's education record, and the student has the right to read it unless they have waived that right.

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