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Utilize our photo release form to seek permission for the publication of an individual's image.

A photo release form is a legally binding agreement that involves two parties: the releasor and the releasee. The releasor grants consent to the release for the commercial or personal use of their image. When the releasor signs this form, they also relinquish any potential claims against the release related to the utilization and dissemination of their images.

This document allows the releasor to stipulate compensation or royalties for the photos and provide permission for future image use. Ownership rights to the images are dependent on both compensation and the authorization granted through the release form, particularly when payment is part of the arrangement.

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What is a Photo Release Form?

A photo release form becomes essential when utilizing photographs or videos for commercial purposes, including brochures or website usage. It serves as a vital permission grant from the individuals featured in the media. This is crucial because individuals possess exclusive rights to control the commercial utilization of their name, image, likeness, and other facets of their identity, commonly referred to as the right of publicity.

For anyone intending to profit from such content, a release is a legal prerequisite. By obtaining a signed photography release form, not only is this permission granted, but it also acts as a protective measure against potential future disputes related to the commercial utilization of these materials.

Avoiding the Ramifications of Unauthorized Use

Neglecting to obtain proper permission through a signed photo consent form can lead to various adverse outcomes, affecting both the releasor and releasee. These consequences can be mitigated through the use of a photo release form, preventing:

For the Releasor

  • Lost Time: Avoiding time spent on legal disputes
  • Lost Money: Preventing legal fees and ensuring fair compensation for photographs
  • Mental Anguish: Avoiding embarrassment from unwanted publication

For the Releasee

  • Lost Time: Preventing legal battles and associated time constraints
  • Lost Money: Avoiding legal expenses and enabling marketing opportunities
  • Mental Anguish: Reducing apprehension regarding photo or video use in advertisements

Typical Scenarios Requiring a Photo Release Form

In various situations, securing the consent of the releasor is essential for the releasee:

For Models

  • Photographer

For Event Attendees

  • Concert organizer
  • Gala host
  • Skydiving company
  • Store owner
  • School or university
  • Sports team
  • Event organizer

Securing Consent for Photo Publication: A Step-by-Step Guide

When seeking the releasor's consent for photo publication, follow these steps to ensure a smooth process:

Step 1 – Obtain a Photo Release Form

Start by obtaining a photo release form, which can be downloaded and provided as a physical copy for the releasor's reference. The form should include essential sections such as:

  • Releasor: The individual granting permission for photo and video usage.
  • Releasee: The recipient of permission to use the photos and videos.
  • Photos: The date and event when the photos and videos were captured or will be captured.
  • Parent or Guardian Signature: If the releasor is under 18 years of age, the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required.

Step 2 – Discuss the Form with the Releasor

Thoroughly review the contents of the form with the releasor and address any queries or concerns they may have. Consider discussing additional provisions such as:

  • Approval: Clarify that the releasor will not have prior approval over the use of the photos.
  • Claims: Ensure that the releasor agrees not to pursue legal action against the releasee regarding photo usage.
  • Governing Law: Specify the state's laws that will govern the release of the photos.
  • Modifications: Emphasize that any changes to the release agreement must be made in writing.
  • Ownership: Clarify that all images remain the property of the releasee and will not be returned to the releasor.
  • Severability: Explain that if one part of the release is deemed invalid, the remainder of the release remains in effect.

Step 3 – Obtain the Releasor’s Signature

Once the releasor is comfortable with the terms outlined in the photography release form, request their signature. As the releasee, you should also sign the form. Keep a copy of the signed document in your records for future reference. At this point, you are authorized to use the photos in accordance with the conditions specified in the form.

By following these steps and maintaining clear communication with the releasor, you can effectively gather consent for photo publication while ensuring that both parties understand and agree to the terms.


What is a photo release form?

A photo release form is a written agreement that grants you permission from the subject or owner to publish their property, serving as a photography contract between you and the subject's owner.

How do you write a photography release form?

When drafting a photography release form, ensure that it includes the following key elements:

  1. Names: Include the names of both parties involved to clearly identify who is granting or receiving permission for photo usage.
  1. Terms: Define the terms and conditions of the photo release, specifying how the photos will be used and any limitations.
  1. Description of the Shoot: Provide a brief description of the photography session or event where the photos were taken.
  1. Agreement Statement: Clearly state the agreement between the parties, outlining the rights and responsibilities related to photo usage.
  1. Dated Signature: Ensure that the form includes spaces for the releasor and releasee to sign and date the document.

What is a consent form for image release?

A photo release form, also known as a consent form for image release, is a crucial document when publishing photos. It should include details about the image owner, a list of the images involved, and the terms of the agreement. Additionally, it should specify whether the owner will receive compensation or not. This form is essential for obtaining legal consent for image usage.

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