A Comprehensive Comparison of Dropbox Sign and DocuSign: Which E-Signature Solution Fits Your Needs?

A Comprehensive Comparison of Dropbox Sign and DocuSign: Which E-Signature Solution Fits Your Needs?
Last updated on September 25, 2023

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In a world where efficiency and speed are paramount, the way we handle documents and signatures has undergone a dramatic transformation. E-signature solutions have emerged as a pivotal force, offering a paperless, secure, and lightning-fast alternative to traditional pen-and-paper signatures. Among the front-runners in this realm are Dropbox Sign and DocuSign, both renowned for simplifying the document signing process.

Introduction to Dropbox Sign and DocuSign

Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign Homepage

Dropbox Sign previously known as HelloSign, owned by Dropbox, stands out as a dependable and intriguing electronic signature platform. Its user-friendly interface makes the signing process straightforward and accessible, catering to a wide range of users.

One of its notable strengths is its robustness, offering a plethora of features such as legally binding signatures, custom branding options, and seamless integrations. This versatility makes it equally appealing to individual users and large corporations.

Dropbox Sign provides the convenience of signing documents across various devices, from laptops to iPads and smartphones, simplifying the process to a few taps or clicks.

Moreover, the platform offers a free version with substantial functionality, making it budget-friendly for occasional users.

Pros and Cons of Dropbox Sign:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust free version
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Customizable templates available in paid plans
  • Strong security features
  • Extensive integrations with tools like Google Docs, Salesforce, Dropbox, Zapier, HubSpot, Slack, and more.
  • API integration options for higher-tier plans.


  • Potential trade-off between simplicity and advanced functionality
  • Cost may increase for professional users
  • Limited advanced fields or features
  • Absence of free in-person signatures
  • Limited variety of templates


DocuSign Homepage

DocuSign, a pioneer in the field since its inception in 2003, boasts a wealth of experience and advanced capabilities that have garnered millions of users.

This platform is particularly well-suited for tasks such as document creation, editing, signature management, and document customization. While it may not match Dropbox Sign in terms of simplicity, DocuSign truly shines when users require robust features beyond basic e-signatures.

Pros and Cons of DocuSign:


  • Powerful mobile app available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices
  • Extensive customization options
  • Specialized templates in higher-tier plans
  • Trusted by major clients like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and T-Mobile
  • Seamless integrations with Salesforce and Sharepoint
  • Offers API integrations for enhanced functionality
  • Community-based support for user assistance.


  • Considered an expensive platform, especially for advanced features
  • Specialized features are predominantly available in the most costly plans
  • More complex to navigate compared to Dropbox Sign
  • Email, phone, and chat support are restricted to the pricier plans
  • A steeper learning curve may be required to master its capabilities.

Comparing Dropbox Sign vs. DocuSign

Heres a comparison of Dropbox Sign and DocuSign in a tabular format:

FeatureDropbox SignDocuSign
Ease of UseUser-friendlyRequires a learning curve
CustomizationLimited customization optionsExtensive customization capabilities
TemplatesBasic templates availableSpecialized templates in higher-tier plans
IntegrationsIntegrates with Dropbox and other toolsIntegrations with various platforms
Advanced FeaturesFocuses on simplicityOffers advanced features and options
PricingAffordable options, including a free versionCan be expensive, especially for advanced features
SupportVaried support levels, including community-basedHigher-tier plans offer enhanced support

1. Ease of use

Both DocuSign and Dropbox Sign offer user-friendly electronic signature capabilities, but there are differences in their document preparation processes.

  • Start by uploading your document.
  • Add signers and edit the document to place signature spaces.
  • Draft a message and click "Send" to initiate the signing process
  • DocuSign will email the document to signers and guide them through signing.
Dropbox Sign:
  • Identify who needs to sign the document.
  • If your signature is required, DropBox Sign uses your profile to set up your signature.
  • Upload your document and add signature boxes, determining the signing order.
  • Send the signature request.

DropBox Sign streamlines the process with only two screens, handling your signature for you and sending the document promptly. Additionally, its drag-and-drop editor is more user-friendly compared to DocuSigns multiple windows and steps.

2. Customization

  • Templates: DocuSign offers a wide range of templates that you can customize to suit your specific needs. These templates can be preconfigured with fields, such as signature and date fields, to save time when sending out documents for signature.
  • Branding: DocuSign allows you to apply your companys branding, including logos and colors, to the documents and the signing experience. This helps in maintaining a consistent and professional look and feel.
  • Advanced Fields: DocuSign provides advanced fields like radio buttons, checkboxes, and calculations, allowing for more complex form creation and customization.
  • Workflow Customization: You can create customized workflows with DocuSign, defining the order in which documents are signed and specifying who needs to sign which parts of a document.
  • Conditional Logic: DocuSign supports conditional logic, enabling you to show or hide certain fields or sections of a document based on specific criteria.
Dropbox Sign:
  • Branding: Dropbox Sign allows for basic branding customization, including adding your companys logo to the signing experience.
  • Basic Fields: While it supports essential fields like signature and date, the level of customization for form fields in Dropbox Sign is more limited compared to DocuSign.
  • Document Editing: Dropbox Sign focuses more on the document management aspect, offering basic document editing features. However, advanced form customization is somewhat limited.

3. Integrations

Dropbox Sign offers integrations with various online storage solutions, including Google Docs, OneDrive, Box, Evernote, and Dropbox itself, among others. The ability to create templates may vary depending on your subscription plan.

In contrast, DocuSign provides an extensive range of powerful integrations. While certain integrations may require personalized plans, DocuSign offers a broader selection of integrations compared to Dropbox Sign.

4. Advanced Features

Both Dropbox Sign and DocuSign offer distinct features catering to different user preferences and needs. Dropbox Sign tends to prioritize simplifying processes, while DocuSign focuses on cost reduction and providing extensive control to users and organizations. Both platforms share common features such as auto reminders, company branding, document analytics, audit trails, multi-party signatures, mobile signing, and progress tracking. However, their differentiating factors largely stem from their various paid plans.

Dropbox Signs notable features include:
  • Integration with Dropbox, Google Docs, OneDrive, Evernote, and numerous online storage platforms.
  • User-generated templates.
  • Bulk-sending options.
  • In-person signing.
  • Salesforce integration.
On the other hand, DocuSign:
  • Does not offer a free plan but includes more comprehensive features in each paid plan compared to Dropbox Signs basic plan. This includes unlimited document uploads and bulk-sending options.
  • Provides access to unlimited templates, payment collection, comments, signer attachments, and advanced fields.
  • Offers key integrations that may require custom advanced solutions, necessitating discussions with a salesperson to tailor a solution to your business needs.

Although Dropbox Sign offers a wide range of features, DocuSigns capabilities can be more robust, particularly with its integrations and business-oriented features. DocuSigns approach is to empower users with extensive functionality and customization options, making it a solid choice for businesses seeking comprehensive electronic signature solutions.

5. Pricing

Dropbox Sign
Dropbox Sign Price & Plans

Dropbox Sign provides a variety of pricing options, including a free plan and paid packages, starting at $15 per month.

  • Free Plan: With the free plan, you can edit, send, and sign up to three documents per month. However, template saving is not available in this plan.
  • Essentials Plan: Priced at $15 monthly, the Pro plan offers unlimited document signing.
  • Standard Plan: For $25 per month when paid upfront or $30 monthly, the Standard plan provides additional features such as multiple senders and the ability to save more templates compared to the other plans.
  • Premium Plan: Dropbox Sign offers tailored premium features through the Enterprise plan to meet specific business needs. Its a customizable solution, although all plans come with limits on the number of templates that can be saved.
DocuSign Price & Plans

DocuSign, unlike Dropbox Sign, doesnt provide a free option. Their pricing begins at $10 per month for the Personal plan, which permits up to five monthly document signings but comes with limited customization capabilities.

The available plans include:

  • Personal Plan: Starting at $10 per month, this plan allows for up to five monthly document signings and provides basic features with limited customization options.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $25 per month per user, the Standard plan enhances your experience with additional branding, reminders, notifications, and other useful features.
  • Business Pro Plan: For $40 per user per month, the Business Pro plan extends all the benefits of the Standard plan, along with unlimited document signing and sending, as well as advanced signing and signer features.
  • Advanced Solutions: DocuSign also offers tailored solutions with pricing and features customized to specific business needs.

Its important to note that while DocuSign offers more features in each plan compared to its Dropbox Sign counterparts, it comes at a higher cost and lacks a free option for users.

6. Customer Support

Customer support is an essential aspect of any service, and when it comes to Dropbox Sign and DocuSign, both platforms have room for improvement in this regard.

Dropbox Sign
  • Users can reach out to customer support via email or a web form.
  • Unfortunately, theres no live support option, and response times are not specified, leaving users uncertain about when their issues will be resolved.
  • DocuSign provides live support and quicker response options, which is beneficial.
  • However, these features come at an additional cost, limiting their accessibility to users who are willing to pay extra.

Its worth noting that we believe that quality customer service should be a standard offering for all users, regardless of their subscription level. Both Dropbox Sign and DocuSign could improve by making comprehensive customer support more accessible to all users.

Choosing Between Dropbox Sign and DocuSign: Which Electronic Signature Solution Is Right for Your Business?

Dropbox Sign and DocuSign both offer robust electronic signature solutions, but the choice between them depends on your specific business needs.

Dropbox Sign for Casual Users and Small Businesses

  • Dropbox Sign is an excellent choice if you require electronically signed documents occasionally and prefer not to pay for extensive features.
  • Its well-suited for small businesses that need e-signatures on hiring contracts, project approvals, and NDAs. While it may have limitations in terms of saved templates and integrations, this is inconsequential for sporadic users.

DocuSign for Medium and Large-Sized Companies

  • If your company regularly deals with multiple document signings and budget is not a constraint, DocuSign is a valuable investment.
  • DocuSigns optional integrations seamlessly integrate with your existing CRMs, streamlining the process for medium and large-sized companies.
  • Unlimited template capabilities make it ideal for organizations that frequently save multiple documents for signing, allowing for limitless variations on the same template without tedious adjustments each time.

In summary, choosing between Dropbox Sign and DocuSign hinges on the frequency and volume of document signings your business requires, as well as your budget considerations. Both options offer distinct advantages tailored to different business needs.

BoloForms: A Great Choice for Small Business Needs

BoloForms Signature page

If youre seeking an e-signature solution thats both user-friendly like Dropbox Sign and budget-friendly like DocuSign, BoloForms is the perfect choice.

Unlike DocuSign and Dropbox Sign, you can jump right in with a free account on BoloForms. With the free account, you can send up to 50 form responses while getting signature requests per month.

Need more flexibility? For just $10 per month, BoloForms unlocks 100 form signature requests, enabling you to send 5 documents per month which is cheaper compared to the other two and is a great option for small businesses.

Distinguishing itself from other solutions like DocuSign and Dropbox Sign, BoloForms offers a swift and streamlined platform that gets you started effortlessly.

Creating online documents with BoloForms is a breeze. Start by specifying whether you need to sign the document or not. Then, name your document, import it, or create it using the built-in editor, and designate the signers and the display message to accompany it.

You can even set the order in which signers receive the document and review it before sending it to ensure everything is in order.

Once you hit send, BoloForms guides your signers through the entire signature process, allowing them to create their own eSignature if needed.

Begin your BoloForms journey by signing up for free today!

Utilizing the E-Signature on BoloForms

BoloForms offers a user-friendly e-signature tool designed to simplify the signing process for small businesses. Heres how to make the most of it:

How to Use the Tool

  • Upload your document to the platform.
  • Add signature and initial fields where needed.
  • Invite signatories via email.
  • Track the signing progress in real-time.
  • Once completed, the signed document is securely stored.


Is Dropbox sign the same as DocuSign?

For a similar monthly cost, DocuSign provides a more extensive feature set compared to Dropbox Sign. However, its important to note that on the Business Pro plan, DocuSign does not offer CRM integrations. In contrast, Dropbox Sign offers integration with CRMs like Salesforce at a more affordable rate, although its feature set in this regard is somewhat restricted.

Does DocuSign work with Dropbox?

DocuSign collaborates with Dropbox to streamline electronic signature workflows, enhancing productivity and expediting business operations.

Does Dropbox offer electronic signatures?

Indeed, individuals using a free plan of Dropbox Sign or having a Dropbox account can enjoy unlimited self-signing and receive three complimentary signature requests every month. To unlock the potential for unlimited eSignature requests, opting for a paid Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) plan is the way to go.

What is the alternative to DocuSign?

Certainly, there are free alternatives to DocuSign, including:

  • SignHouse
  • Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign)
  • SignWell
  • PandaDoc
  • BoloForms


Dropbox Sign is an excellent choice for casual users and small businesses that may not be heavily impacted by its limitations and value its user-friendly interface.

On the other hand, DocuSign is better suited for larger companies with higher document and signature demands. These organizations are typically willing to invest more in exchange for robust integrations and extensive customization options.

If youre seeking a more intuitive alternative to Dropbox Sign and a more budget-friendly option than DocuSign, BoloForms is a solid choice.