E-Signature Showdown: DocuSign vs. Zoho Sign – Making the Right Choice for Your Business

Last updated on September 18, 2023
E-Signature Showdown: DocuSign vs. Zoho Sign – Making the Right Choice for Your Business

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In todays fast-paced business environment, the shift towards digital workflows has made electronic signatures a necessity. Streamlining document processes, saving time, and enhancing security are just a few reasons why businesses turn to e-signature solutions. In this article, well embark on a journey to compare two significant players in the e-signature arena: Zoho Sign and DocuSign. Whether youre a seasoned pro or new to the world of e-signatures, weve got you covered.

Understanding Electronic Signatures

Before we delve into the comparison, lets demystify electronic signatures and their importance. Electronic signatures, commonly known as e-signatures, are digital equivalents of handwritten signatures. They serve as an authenticated and legally binding way to sign documents in the digital realm. By replacing traditional pen and paper with electronic signatures, businesses gain the power to streamline their operations, reduce paper usage, and expedite the signing process.

Introduction to DocuSign

DocuSign HomePage

In our fast-paced, digital world, efficient and secure document management is essential. Enter DocuSign, a global leader in electronic signature technology, revolutionizing how individuals and businesses handle documents. DocuSign streamlines signing, replacing tedious processes with a fast, secure, and entirely digital experience. Whether youre a professional, small business owner, or individual, DocuSign offers a seamless, legally binding way to sign and manage documents from anywhere. This introduction explores DocuSigns key features and benefits, showcasing its role as a catalyst for productivity and efficiency in todays digital age.

Features and Benefits

DocuSign, a household name in the e-signature industry, offers a feature-rich platform designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Its versatility extends to complex signing workflows, making it a go-to choice for enterprises with intricate document processes.

Introduction to Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign HomePage

In a world prioritizing speed, efficiency, and security, Zoho Sign emerges as a leading solution for electronic signatures and document management. It revolutionizes traditional processes, offering a comprehensive platform for individuals and businesses to handle documents seamlessly.

Zoho Sign eliminates the need for time-consuming physical document signing, introducing a new era of digital convenience and legally binding electronic signatures. Whether youre a professional, a small business owner, or an individual, Zoho Sign empowers you to effortlessly send, sign, and manage documents from anywhere in the world.

Features and Benefits

Zoho Sign offers a comprehensive set of features that empower businesses to handle their e-signature needs with ease. From document signing to workflow automation, it covers a broad spectrum of requirements. Users appreciate its intuitive interface and seamless integration with other Zoho applications, creating a cohesive ecosystem for businesses of all sizes.

Zoho Sign vs. DocuSign: Head-to-Head Comparison

Heres a tabular comparison of DocuSign and Zoho Sign:

FeatureDocuSignZoho Sign
Key FeaturesComprehensive feature set, including advanced optionsOffers essential e-signature features
Ease of UseUser-friendly with a slight learning curveHighly intuitive and user-friendly
Pricing$10 per user per month (billed annually)$10 per user per month (billed annually)
Integration OptionsExtensive integrations with various apps and servicesOffers integrations, but may have some limitations
Document TemplatesWide range of templates for various industriesTemplate selection may be more limited
Advanced WorkflowsSupports complex signing workflows and customizationFocuses on essential signing processes
SecurityStrong security measures, compliant with industry standardsProvides adequate security measures

1. Key Features

In the realm of digital signatures, certain essentials are non-negotiable: legality, security, and user-friendliness. Zoho Sign and DocuSign excel in meeting these criteria, but what truly distinguishes them from the competition?

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign caters to businesses of all sizes and diverse industries, offering a range of features that enhance digital workflows. Customization is a standout feature, enabling users to tailor their processes by personalizing templates, setting document expiration dates, and configuring user access.

Key features of Zoho Sign that make it a comprehensive e-signature solution include:

  • Authentication via email and SMS for multiple recipients
  • Document import capabilities
  • Advanced integrations with other Zoho applications, such as Zoho Writer, Zoho Recruit, and Zoho Docs
  • Basic integrations with popular third-party apps
  • Robust public key cryptography for enhanced security

DocuSign boasts a feature-rich platform designed to cater to individual and enterprise needs. Its intuitive interface stands out, making it easy for users to adopt the platform seamlessly.

Essential features offered by DocuSign include:

  • Real-time audit trail for enhanced document tracking
  • Template sharing for efficient document creation
  • Integrations with popular tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more, facilitating seamless workflow connections
  • Highly-rated mobile applications for on-the-go access
  • Automated reminders and notifications to streamline signing workflows
  • Secure payment collection capabilities

2. Ease of Use

In todays business landscape, digital signatures play a pivotal role in expediting processes. They offer the convenience of signing documents electronically, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and ink. However, not all e-signature platforms are equally user-friendly. This is where Zoho Sign and DocuSign shine, making it effortless to sign documents from anywhere, on any device.

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign stands out as an incredibly user-friendly solution for electronic signatures. The process is straightforward: upload the document you need to be signed, specify the signatories, and send it on its way. Signatories receive an email containing a link to the document, allowing them to review and sign it from their device at their convenience. Once the document is signed, youll receive a notification, enabling you to download the completed version hassle-free.


DocuSign is equally efficient in simplifying the process of gathering digital signatures. Its as easy as uploading the document, adding the necessary signatories, and sending it off. Recipients receive an email with a link to the document, granting them the ability to sign it seamlessly, whether on their computer or mobile device. DocuSign prioritizes security and compliance, ensuring that your digitally signed documents are legally binding and in accordance with e-signature laws.

3. Pricing Plans

Both DocuSign and Zoho Sign offer flexible pricing plans to cater to a variety of business needs. However, they differ in terms of free trial offerings and billing options. Heres a breakdown of their pricing structures:

Zoho Sign
  • Free: Access to basic features.
  • Standard: $10 per user per month when billed annually, or $12 per month with monthly billing.
  • Professional: $16 per user per month when billed annually, or $20 per month with monthly billing.
  • Enterprise: $22 per user per month when billed annually, or $28 per month with monthly billing.
  • Personal: $10 per user per month when billed annually, or $15 per month with monthly billing.
  • Standard: $25 per user per month when billed annually, or $45 per month with monthly billing.
  • Business Pro: $40 per user per month when billed annually, or $65 per month with monthly billing.
  • Enhanced Plans: Custom pricing tailored to specific enterprise needs.

Notably, Zoho Sign offers a free tier of service and a 14-day free trial, whereas DocuSign provides a 1-month free trial.

4. Integration Options

Integrating multiple document-signing applications can be a daunting task. It relies on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to bridge different software solutions. Both Zoho Sign and DocuSign offer diverse API integrations to streamline workflows.

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign seamlessly integrates with third-party tools and various Zoho applications, available at different pricing tiers. Key integrations include:

  • Zoho Apps: Integrations with Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Forms, Zoho Docs, and more.
  • Microsoft 365: Includes integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook.
  • G Suite: Seamlessly connects with Gmail.
  • Zapier: Offers versatile integrations.
  • HubSpot: Enhances customer relationship management.
  • Cloud Storage Apps: Facilitates cloud storage connections.

DocuSign boasts an extensive platform with over 400 integrations, most of which are accessible at all service levels. Key integrations, including mobile apps, comprise:

  • Box: Optimizes document storage and collaboration.
  • Google Drive: Streamlines document management.
  • Microsoft 365: Ensures compatibility with Microsoft tools.
  • Salesforce: Strengthens customer relationship management.
  • Zoom: Facilitates virtual meetings and document signing.

5. Advanced Workflow

Both DocuSign and Zoho Sign provide advanced workflow features for managing complex signing processes:

  • Templates: Create and save templates for efficient document creation.
  • Conditional Routing: Automatically direct documents based on criteria like signer roles or content.
  • Sequential and Parallel Signing: Support for both linear and simultaneous signing workflows.
  • Document Approval: Request formal document approvals alongside signatures.
Zoho Sign
  • Workflows: Utilize workflow templates for sequential or parallel signing processes.
  • Custom Actions: Add custom actions like reviews and reminders to workflows.
  • Document Collaboration: Enable real-time collaboration for multiple users on a document.
  • Conditional Approvals: Route documents to the right approvers based on predefined conditions.

6. Security

In our digitally driven world, a secure e-signature platform is paramount for businesses. These platforms not only save time and resources but also offer a safe way to electronically sign, manage documents, and enhance the contract lifecycle. Zoho Sign and DocuSign excel in providing advanced security measures.

Zoho Sign

Key security highlights of Zoho Sign include:

  • Utilization of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for signing PDFs and documents.
  • Data transmission through a secure SSL/TLS connection.
  • Robust AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest.
  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication for enhanced user verification.
  • Generation of cryptographic hash for each document, ensuring data integrity.

DocuSign prioritizes security through various measures, including:

  • Geographically distinct data centers certified by ISO 27001 and audited by SOC.
  • Ongoing annual Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery testing.
  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication for secure user access.
  • Utilization of encrypted VPN access.
  • Incorporation of malware protection and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) mitigation.

Choosing the Right E-Signature Solution for Small Business

Choosing between DocuSign and Zoho Sign for your small business depends on factors like feature needs, budget, integration compatibility, ease of use, security, and customer support. Consider a free trial to determine which aligns best with your specific requirements.

BoloForms: A Great Choice for Small Business Needs

BoloForms Signature Page

If youre seeking an e-signature solution thats both user-friendly like Zoho Sign and budget-friendly like DocuSign, BoloForms is the perfect choice.

Unlike DocuSign and Zoho Sign, you can jump right in with a free account on BoloForms. With the free account, you can send up to 50 form responses while getting signature requests per month.

Need more flexibility? For just $10 per month, BoloForms unlocks 100 form signature requests, enabling you to send 5 documents per month which is cheaper compared to the other two and is a great option for small businesses.

Distinguishing itself from other solutions like DocuSign and Zoho Sign, BoloForms offers a swift and streamlined platform that gets you started effortlessly.

Creating online documents with BoloForms is a breeze. Start by specifying whether you need to sign the document or not. Then, name your document, import it, or create it using the built-in editor, and designate the signers and the display message to accompany it.

You can even set the order in which signers receive the document and review it before sending it to ensure everything is in order.

Once you hit send, BoloForms guides your signers through the entire signature process, allowing them to create their own eSignature if needed.

Begin your BoloForms journey by signing up for free today!

Utilizing the E-Signature on BoloForms

BoloForms offers a user-friendly e-signature tool designed to simplify the signing process for small businesses. Heres how to make the most of it:

How to Use the Tool

  • Upload your document to the platform.
  • Add signature and initial fields where needed.
  • Invite signatories via email.
  • Track the signing progress in real-time.
  • Once completed, the signed document is securely stored.

Why E-Signatures Matter

Electronic signatures arent just a trend; theyre a game-changer for businesses. Embracing e-signatures translates to significant time savings, reduced paperwork, enhanced security, and a more eco-friendly approach. Its a win-win for your business and the environment.


Does DocuSign work with Zoho?

With DocuSign for Zoho CRM, users can conveniently access and sign documents from anywhere, ensuring security and speed. It allows for the capture, tracking, and storage of document information seamlessly within Zoho CRM, eliminating the need to leave the platform.

Is Zoho sign legally binding?

Legal Validity: Zoho Sign ensures the legal validity of all signed documents, complying with the ESIGN ACT, UETA, EIDAS, and other international legal standards.

Who is the biggest competitor of DocuSign?

DocuSign faces stiff competition from BoloForms and PandaDoc, notable for their user-friendly interfaces, extensive integration options, and competitive pricing structures.


In the Zoho Sign vs. DocuSign showdown, the decision ultimately comes down to your specific business needs. Consider factors like your budget, the complexity of your signing workflows, and your preference for features when making your choice. Whether you opt for the simplicity of Zoho Sign or the robust capabilities of DocuSign, one thing is certain: embracing e-signatures is a step towards a more efficient and eco-conscious business future.