Adobe Sign vs. Zoho Sign - Picking the Perfect E-Signature Partner For Your Business

Last updated on September 27, 2023
Adobe Sign vs. Zoho Sign - Picking the Perfect E-Signature Partner For Your Business

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In todays digital age, the need for efficient and secure electronic signature solutions has never been greater. Businesses of all sizes are adopting e-signature tools to streamline workflows, reduce paperwork, and improve collaboration. Two popular choices in the market are Adobe Sign and Zoho Sign, both offering robust features and capabilities. But how do you decide which one is the best fit for your specific needs? In this comprehensive guide, well compare Adobe Sign and Zoho Sign, covering their key features, ease of use, integrations, security, and more, to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding E-Signature Tools

Before we dive into the comparison, lets establish a solid understanding of what e-signature tools are and why they matter in modern business operations. E-signature tools have revolutionized the way agreements and contracts are signed. They eliminate the need for physical paperwork, allowing you to sign documents electronically, securely, and efficiently. Whether youre finalizing a business contract, approving HR documents, or collecting customer signatures, e-signature tools simplify the process and enhance productivity.

Adobe Sign: Streamlining Signatures with Power and Precision

Adobe Sign Homepage

Key Features

  • Comprehensive E-Signature Capabilities: Adobe Sign offers a wide array of electronic signature options. Users can choose from standard electronic signatures, advanced digital signatures, or even cloud-based digital IDs for added security. This versatility ensures that your documents meet various compliance requirements and legal standards.
  • Advanced Document Tracking and Management: Adobe Sign provides an intuitive dashboard for tracking the progress of your documents. You can monitor when recipients receive, open, and sign documents in real-time. This feature streamlines the workflow and helps you stay organized.
  • Integration with Adobe Acrobat for PDF Editing: Seamlessly integrate Adobe Sign with Adobe Acrobat for comprehensive PDF management. Edit, convert, or combine PDFs directly within the platform. This integration ensures that your documents are not only signed but also professionally formatted and edited to perfection.
  • Customizable Workflows and Templates: Create tailored workflows and templates to suit your specific business needs. Adobe Sign allows you to automate repetitive tasks, such as sending out the same document for multiple signatures. This customization saves time and reduces errors in the signing process.
  • Mobile App for On-the-Go Signing: With the Adobe Sign mobile app, you can sign and manage documents from anywhere, ensuring business continuity even when youre on the move. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices, making it convenient for users regardless of their mobile platform preference.

Adobe Sign is more than just an e-signature solution; its a comprehensive platform designed to enhance your document management and signing processes with precision and efficiency.

Ease of Use

Heres how Adobe Sign simplifies the document signing process:

  • Streamlined Workflow: Adobe Sign guides users through the document signing process step by step. From uploading a document to selecting recipients and adding signature fields, each action is clearly defined, minimizing any confusion.
  • Customizable Interface: Users can tailor their Adobe Sign dashboard to their preferences, arranging tools and features for quick access. This customization ensures that you have the tools you need right at your fingertips.
  • Notifications and Reminders: Adobe Sign sends automated notifications and reminders to signatories, reducing the need for manual follow-ups. This feature keeps the signing process on track and ensures timely completion.
  • Accessibility: Adobe Sign is accessible from various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility allows users to sign and manage documents on the go, enhancing convenience and productivity.

Additionally, Adobe Signs integration with Adobe Acrobat further enhances the user experience. Users can seamlessly transition from editing PDFs in Adobe Acrobat to signing them in Adobe Sign, creating a cohesive and efficient document management workflow.


Adobe Signs extensive integration capabilities significantly expand its functionality and adaptability to different business needs. Heres a closer look at its integrations:

  • Microsoft 365 Integration: Adobe Sign seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, allowing users to send, sign, and track documents directly within Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. This integration streamlines the process for users who rely on Microsoft 365 for their daily tasks.
  • Salesforce Integration: Adobe Signs integration with Salesforce enhances the capabilities of Salesforce CRM. Users can send, track, and store signed documents without leaving the Salesforce platform. This tight integration simplifies contract management and accelerates the sales cycle.
  • Google Workspace Integration: For users in the Google ecosystem, Adobe Sign integrates effortlessly with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). It enables users to access Adobe Sign directly within Gmail and Google Drive, making it easy to send and sign documents using familiar Google tools.
  • Wide Range of Integrations: Beyond these key integrations, Adobe Sign offers compatibility with various other applications and platforms, including Dropbox, Box, Workday, and more. This extensive range of integrations ensures that Adobe Sign can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing tech stack, regardless of your specific software preferences.

Security & Compliance

Adobe Sign prioritizes security, employing advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication to safeguard your documents. It is compliant with various industry standards, ensuring legal validity.

Zoho Sign: Simplifying Signatures with Efficiency and Affordability

Zoho Sign Homepage

Key Features

Certainly, heres a more concise version:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Zoho Sign boasts a user-friendly interface designed for users of all levels. Its intuitive dashboard simplifies document management, ensuring a smooth and quick learning curve.
  • Document Templates and Branding: Create document templates for efficiency and maintain your brand identity by adding logos and branding elements to documents.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with the Zoho Suite and select third-party apps, streamlining your existing workflows.
  • Workflow Automation: Streamline signing processes with automated workflows, reducing manual intervention and delays.
  • Audit Trails: Comprehensive audit trails track document history, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Ease of Use

Heres a closer look at how Zoho Sign excels in terms of ease of use:

  • Straightforward Interface: Zoho Signs interface is crafted to be straightforward and user-centric. From the moment users log in, they are greeted with an intuitive dashboard that presents essential functions clearly. This streamlined approach minimizes the learning curve, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Ease of Adoption: Whether youre a small business owner, a team manager, or an individual user, Zoho Sign is designed to be easily adopted into your workflow. The platforms user-centric approach means you can start using it efficiently without extensive training or technical knowledge.
  • Efficient Document Signing: Zoho Signs user interface guides users through the document signing process step by step. From uploading a document to adding signature fields and sending out invitations for signatures, the platform ensures a hassle-free experience. Users can review and complete documents quickly and accurately.
  • Accessibility: Zoho Sign is accessible via web browsers and mobile devices, enabling users to sign and manage documents on the go. This accessibility is valuable for users who need to attend to document signing tasks while away from their desks.


Heres a closer look at Zoho Signs integration capabilities:

  • Zoho Suite Integration: Zoho Sign seamlessly integrates with other applications within the Zoho Suite, creating a unified experience for users who already rely on Zoho products. This integration ensures that your e-signature workflows can be smoothly incorporated into your existing Zoho-based processes.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Zoho Sign also offers integrations with select third-party applications. However, the range and depth of these integrations might be more limited compared to Adobe Signs extensive compatibility with various productivity and business tools.
  • Custom Integrations: In some cases, businesses may require custom integrations with specific software or systems unique to their operations. Zoho Sign provides options for custom integrations, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs.

Security & Compliance

Zoho Sign prioritizes security by implementing industry-standard encryption and access controls. It complies with e-signature regulations to ensure document legality.

Head-to-Head Comparison: Adobe Sign vs. Zoho Sign

Lets break down the comparison between Adobe Sign and Zoho Sign in a tabular format:

AspectAdobe SignZoho Sign
Key FeaturesComprehensive e-signature capabilitiesUser-friendly interface for easy adoption
Ease of UseIntuitive user interface, seamless integrationDesigned with user-friendliness in mind
IntegrationsExtensive integration options with popular toolsIntegration options, but potentially limited
Security & ComplianceAdvanced encryption, multi-factor authenticationIndustry-standard encryption and access controls
PricingVarious plans for individuals and teamsAffordable pricing plans suitable for businesses

Which E-Signature Solution Should You Choose?

Choose Adobe Sign if your business requires comprehensive e-signature capabilities, advanced document management, and a wide range of integrations with popular business tools.

Opt for Zoho Sign if you prioritize user-friendliness, affordability, and seamless integration within the Zoho Suite of applications. Its an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses.

BoloForms: A Great Choice for Small Business Needs

BoloForms Signature Page

If youre seeking an e-signature solution thats both user-friendly like Zoho Sign and budget-friendly like Adobe Sign, BoloForms is the perfect choice.

Unlike Adobe Sign and Zoho Sign, you can jump right in with a free account on BoloForms. With the free account, you can send up to 50 form responses while getting signature requests per month.

Need more flexibility? For just $10 per month, BoloForms unlocks 100 form signature requests, enabling you to send 5 documents per month which is cheaper compared to the other two and is a great option for small businesses.

Distinguishing itself from other solutions like Adobe Sign and Zoho Sign, BoloForms offers a swift and streamlined platform that gets you started effortlessly.

Creating online documents with BoloForms is a breeze. Start by specifying whether you need to sign the document or not. Then, name your document, import it, or create it using the built-in editor, and designate the signers and the display message to accompany it.

You can even set the order in which signers receive the document and review it before sending it to ensure everything is in order.

Once you hit send, BoloForms guides your signers through the entire signature process, allowing them to create their eSignature if needed.

Begin your BoloForms journey by signing up for free today!

Utilizing the E-Signature on BoloForms

BoloForms offers a user-friendly e-signature tool designed to simplify the signing process for small businesses. Heres how to make the most of it:

How to Use the Tool

  • Upload Your Document: Begin by uploading your document to the platform. You can do this by clicking the "Upload" button and selecting the file from your device.
  • Add Signature and Initial Fields: Once your document is uploaded, you can easily add signature and initial fields where needed. Simply drag and drop these fields onto the document at the appropriate locations.
  • Invite Signatories via Email: After adding the signature fields, you can invite signatories to complete the document. Enter their email addresses, and the system will send them an invitation to sign electronically.
  • Track the Signing Progress: You can monitor the signing progress in real time. The platform provides updates on who has signed and who is pending.
  • Securely Store the Signed Document: Once all signatories have completed the document, it will be securely stored in your account for future reference.


When it comes to electronic signature solutions, both Adobe Sign and Zoho Sign have their strengths. Your decision should align with your specific business needs, budget, and preferences. Evaluate your requirements carefully and choose the solution that will enhance your document signing and management processes.

BoloForms offers a compelling alternative with its intuitive interface, robust features, and cost-effective pricing, combining their strengths. Its worth considering in your search for an ideal e-signature solution.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your unique business needs and priorities.