SheetGod: The AI tool that turns English into Excel formulas in seconds.

Create complex Excel formulas using plain English with SheetGod. Our AI-powered tool also allows you to create macros, regular expressions, and basic tasks, as well as Google Appscript code snippets to automate your daily manual work. Try it now and experience the power of SheetGod.

How does Sheetgod work?

Experice the magic of Sheetgod in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Choose the category for your question: Formulas, VBA, Regex, Appscript, or Basic Tasks.

Step 2:

Ask your question in plain English, including details.

Step 3:

Get an AI-generated answer from SheetGod and use it immediately.

"This add on is easy to install and works just amazing. The dashboard has a clean user interface. The app is easy and simple to use. Whenever you need an approval process for any form (from one person or more), this add on is what makes the job."

Repa Mandala

Trusted by 50000+ Businesses
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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Everything that your organisation will love, & more.

AI-Powered Formulas

SheetGod uses AI to help users create Excel formulas from plain English, saving time and effort when working with data in Excel.

Automate Tasks with Code

SheetGod can generate Appscript and VBA code to automate tasks in Google Sheets and Excel, making it easy to manage large sets of data.

Extract Data with Regex

SheetGod supports regular expressions, allowing users to extract specific pieces of information from their data and apply complex transformations.

Learn with Tutorials

SheetGod provides step-by-step tutorials for basic tasks in Excel and Google Sheets, making it easy for users to learn how to use these tools effectively.

Communicate with Emails and PDFs

SheetGod can be used to send marketing emails and generate bulk PDFs, allowing users to use their data to communicate with customers and create reports.

Create Add-Ons with SheetGod

SheetGod can be used to create Google Workspace Add-Ons and Microsoft Excel Add-Ins, allowing users to extend the functionality of their spreadsheets and automate even more tasks.

"SheetGod is a game-changer for anyone who works with Excel. I used to spend hours trying to figure out the right formulas for my data, but now I can just describe what I want to do in plain English and SheetGod does the rest. It's saved me so much time and effort, and has made working with data in Excel much more enjoyable."

Alaa Khaled

Trusted by 50000+ Businesses
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
1-1 Zoom & WhatsApp Onboarding

"I love how easy it is to automate tasks with SheetGod. The Appscript and VBA code it generates is easy to understand and use, and has saved me a ton of time when working with large sets of data. I also appreciate the regular expression support, which has made it much easier to extract specific pieces of information from my data."

Deepak S (Solero Corporation)

“ As a beginner with Excel, I found the tutorials in SheetGod to be incredibly helpful. The step-by-step instructions made it easy for me to learn how to use the basic features of Excel and Google Sheets, and I was able to quickly start working with my data. I would highly recommend SheetGod to anyone who is new to these tools. "

Patrick Nyama,

Edmonton CA

"I use SheetGod to generate marketing emails and bulk PDFs for my business, and it's been a huge time-saver. The ability to use data from my spreadsheets to create personalized emails and documents has been incredibly useful, and has allowed me to communicate more effectively with my customers."

Raman R

Trusted by 50000+ Businesses
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
1-1 Zoom & WhatsApp Onboarding

"I'm a big fan of SheetGod. It has a clean, intuitive interface that makes it easy to use, and the AI-powered formula generation has been incredibly helpful. I also love the code generation features, which have allowed me to automate many of my repetitive tasks in Excel and Google Sheets. Overall, I would highly recommend SheetGod to anyone who works with data in these tools."

John M.

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