99% of BoloForms' features are available to all users for free and without limits.

Approver & Respondent Dashboards

Multi-Level Workflows

Multi-Stage Workflows

Generate & Send PDF Docs

Reminder Notifications for Approvals

Google Sheets Integration

Conditional Statements

Static & Dynamic Recipients

Lookup Tables

Approver Authentication

Prefill Forms

Xero,Notion Integration

Bulk Submit Approval Requests

Multi approve/reject option

Delete Form Responses

Spice things up with premium features.

BoloForms is free to use, but if you need that little bit extra , upgrade to BoloForms Premium.


Remove all BoloForms' branding and have your forms seamlessly represent your brand.

Customer Success

Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you with your onboarding and ongoing support.

Audit Trail

Get detailed reports of all the activities performed on your approval requests.

Parallel Approvals

When to departments have to approve simultateously before the request is moved to next step. Ideal for Procurement & Finance teams.

Slack Integration

Approve/Reject in Slack directly. Get notified in Slack when a request is submitted/ approved/ rejected.

HIPAA Compliance

Add security to your medical pratice by purchasing HIPAA bussiness associate agreement.