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Discover BoloForms, the Google Forms add-on that empowers you to incorporate conditional logic into your forms. With BoloForms, you can design dynamic workflows, streamline approval processes, and automate a variety of tasks.

Our Customers

Our Customers

Why Choose BoloForms?


Streamline Decision-Making with BoloForms Approval

Effortlessly involve multiple team members via email, track progress on BoloForms Dashboard or Google Sheets, and empower each approver to share feedback independently.

View all submissions at one place

Streamline data management with BoloForms, a versatile all-in-one hybrid of spreadsheets and databases, giving you full control over how you view and utilize your information.


Ready in Minutes

Craft the ideal approval workflow effortlessly, no coding necessary. BoloForms user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enables you to seamlessly incorporate approvers, emails, and conditional branches into your approval process.


How does BoloForms Approval work?


Sender Step

1. Create Form

Start by creating a form or else you can also use the pre existing templates.

2. Workflow and Recipient

Create the workflow and add the email of the recipients.

Sender Step
Sender Step

3. Send the Form

Send the form for approval smoothly to accelerate the authorization process promptly.


1. Make Your Decision

Choose either "Approve" or "Reject" based on your needs. You can also opt for "Request More Information" if necessary.

Receiver Step
Receiver Step

2. Include a Message and Submit

Add a message, then proceed to submit your response.



Experience Everything Your Organization Will Adore and Beyond.

Get Started in Less than 5 Minutes.

Just use an existing Google Form, add approvers, and we'll notify them via email when submissions are made.

Multi-Level Workflows

To ensure that your executives do not approve a document until it has been reviewed and accepted by other employees, you can set up multi-level approval processes.

Dynamic Reciepients

Approvers can be selected based on the answers to a form response or entered manually by the requestor.

Role Based Workflows

Assign the following roles to your recipients: Approver, Receive a Copy, and Send Final Email Only.

Conditional Logic

To prevent unnecessary work for approvers, set logic with your approvals to ensure approvers only receive the requests that are relevant to them.

One-Click Approvals

Notification emails are sent to users and can be approved with a single click.

Responsive Design

It is designed to be mobile-first, and seamlessly works on desktop and tablet as well.

Enterprise Grade Security

Majority of data stored in your spreadsheet. This ensures you have the complete control of your data with end to end encryption.

Custom Dashboard

Track approvals of various forms from a single place! See the approval process for each request in real-time


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"This add on is easy to install and works just amazing. The dashboard has a clean user interface. The app is easy and simple to use. Whenever you need an approval process for any form (from one person or more), this add on is what makes the job."

Repa Mandala


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