Streamlining Your Business
with Document Workflow Management Software

Paresh Deshmukh
31 Mar, 2023
6 min read
Poor record management wastes time and money. It's a problem for all businesses, but it can be especially problematic for small-to-midsize companies that don't have the time or budget to dedicate to an inefficient system. Document workflow management software is one solution that can help you streamline business processes by automating manual tasks like signing contracts or creating reports.
Poor record management wastes time and money
Poor record management is a serious problem for businesses, and it can lead to lost productivity, increased errors, higher costs, and increased risk.
Here is a breakdown of how poor record management will impact your business:
  • Poorly managed records can lead to lost productivity because employees are searching for files or information that should already be available. This can also result in delays as employees spend more time looking for information than they would have if they'd had access from the start.
  • Poorly managed records can lead to increased costs for your business. The more time employees spend looking for files or information, the longer it takes them to complete tasks. This means that employees will take longer breaks, possibly even taking days off due to stress and fatigue from searching unsuccessfully.
  • Poorly managed records can lead to increased errors. If employees are taking longer breaks and work slower, chances are they'll make more mistakes. This could cause them to lose files or forget important information that would've been available if it had been properly managed. Poor record management can increase your business's risk of data breaches and other security issues because it allows unauthorized users access to sensitive information.
What is document workflow management software?
Document workflow management software is software that helps automate document-based workflows. It allows you to manage and track documents from their creation to their completion, streamlining your business processes in the process.
For example, if you have a team of employees working on a project, they might have to send each other emails regarding progress updates or status reports. This can get messy fast because there's no central repository where all these communications can be stored for reference later on--and if someone doesn't respond promptly enough (or at all), then important information gets lost in the shuffle.
With document workflow management software like BoloForms' cloud-based platform, however, this kind of problem becomes much easier to avoid: it allows teams across multiple locations and time zones to collaborate more effectively by providing them with an easy way forward when it comes to making sure nothing falls through cracks along way toward completing projects successfully.
How does document workflow management software work?
Document workflow management software is software that automates business processes. The purpose of this type of software is to help automate the process of managing documents in different stages of their life cycle, as well as streamline processes, improve efficiency, and save time and money.
When you use document workflow management software, it allows you to create rules for each step in your process so that the right people can view or edit them at the right time. For example: if someone requests an invoice from accounting (the first step), then accounting will be notified by email when they receive it (the second step). If they approve it (the third step), then send out an invoice number with payment instructions (the fourth step).
Workflow orchestration software helps automate document-based workflows
Document workflow management software helps automate document-based workflows. It can be used to coordinate and manage all aspects of the document lifecycle, including capturing data from an ERP system, routing documents through approval processes, creating documents based on templates and other data sources, tracking changes made to a document during its lifecycle, and more.
Workflow orchestration software provides essential features like workflow automation tools that allow you to easily create automated workflows without any coding skills required (or with only basic knowledge). These tools allow you to configure your business processes using easy drag-and-drop operations or configurable wizards that guide you step by step through the process design process. Workflow orchestration platforms also offer a wide variety of preconfigured templates - or even allow you to create new ones yourself - so it's easy for anyone in your organization who needs access to one or multiple systems at once without having any technical skills whatsoever!
Streamline your processes with the document workflow automation software
Document workflow automation software is the perfect solution for streamlining your processes, as it allows you to automate and standardize important business tasks like customer service, accounting, and human resources. The best part? You can do it all in one place!
Let's look at an example of how this works: Imagine that you run a small business with an online store selling clothing items. You want customers to be able to pay with their credit cards, so they don't have any problems purchasing from you online -- but there are some regulations around accepting payments from international customers or those under 18 years old (or both). In order not to miss out on sales because someone doesn't meet these requirements, here's how our customer would set up their process using our software:
  • First off, they'll add all their payment gateway information into our system--this includes details like which gateways each country supports (if applicable), and what currency each gateway accepts (again if applicable).
  • Next, they'll create a rule that checks the customer's location and age. If they're in one of those countries (or both), the system will automatically reject their order.
This is a simple example, but it's easy to see how this could work with all kinds of business rules and regulations. The beauty of our software is that you don't have to worry about writing any code or creating complex algorithms--instead, you can just set up your rules once and let them run automatically in the background.
The benefits of business-document workflow management.
When you're looking to streamline your business processes, document workflow management software can help. Here are some benefits of using this type of software:
  • Reduce time spent on tasks
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce errors and improve accuracy
  • Improve visibility into business processes by providing a single point of access for all data related to a process or transaction, including documents, emails, and other communications between departments or customers
Businesses should invest in a document workflow management solution to streamline business processes.
If you are looking to streamline your business processes, a document workflow management solution can help. Document workflow automation software automates and standardizes key business functions such as:
  • Invoicing
  • Expense reporting
  • Travel expenses
  • Outgoing mail processing
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee termination
  • Payroll approval
  • Time off requests
We've put together a list of some of the best document workflow management systems available to help you decide which is right for your business needs.
  • SharePoint
  • Lithium eSign Builder
  • Zendesk Workflow
  • Agile CRM Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Microsoft Flow
1. SharePoint
SharePoint is Microsoft's content management system (CMS), which means it's a web-based platform for document management. SharePoint can be used by businesses of all sizes and industries, from small organizations to large enterprises.
If you're looking for an easy way to streamline communications between departments or teams within your company, then SharePoint is the right solution for you. The platform allows users to share and collaborate on documents, images, videos and other files in real time over the internet through its built-in collaboration tools such as discussion boards or chat rooms--all without having to leave your browser window!
2. Lithium eSign Builder
Lithium eSign Builder is a cloud-based solution that allows you to create and manage digital signatures. It can be used by businesses that need to sign documents digitally, such as contracts, agreements, or NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).
Lithium eSign Builder can be integrated with other business applications such as SharePoint, Salesforce, and NetSuite. This makes it an ideal choice for companies with multiple departments who want one platform for all their document workflows.
3. Zendesk Workflow
Zendesk Workflow is a business process management software that helps teams automate and standardize key business functions. The software allows users to create workflows for any type of business process, from onboarding new employees to managing customer support requests.
Zendesk Workflow is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed via web browser or mobile device, making it easy for you and your team members to access the platform no matter where they are in the world.
4. Agile CRM Business Process Management (BPM)
Agile CRM BPM is a workflow automation software that allows you to automate your business processes and collaborate with colleagues to improve productivity.
This tool is ideal for companies that want to streamline their team communications, increase employee engagement, and make sure all of their employees are working on the right tasks at the right time.
5. Microsoft Flow
Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based workflow automation tool that allows users to create automated workflows to automate tasks and business processes. It can be used to automate processes across all major office applications, including OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online/On-Premises, and Office 365 Groups.
It also integrates with other Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365 (CRM), Power BI, and Azure Active Directory (AAD).
A well-defined document workflow helps businesses automate and standardize key business functions.
Document workflow management software helps streamline business processes. When it comes to automating and standardizing key business functions, document workflow automation software is a key player.
In this article, we'll discuss why document workflows are important for businesses and how they can be streamlined with the right tools.
We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of document workflow management software and how it can help your business. If you want to learn more about how it works, check out our other articles on the topic or contact us today! We'd love to help answer your questions and get started with a free trial of our product.