The Future of Approvals: An Automated Approval Workflow System

15 Feb, 2023
Paresh @Boloforms
5 min read
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Approval Workflow System

The majority of our lives revolve around waiting for something or the other. We wait to commute, we wait for calls, we wait for approvals and we wait for anything that isn’t in our hands. At your workplace, waiting periods are even longer because every single document goes through multiple stages of processing and approval from various different departments before getting final approvals. To ease this process and coagulate the data in one place, a new way has arrived. An Automated Approval Workflow System.

What is an Approval Workflow System?

An Approval System is a process created and recognized by a business to make and approve any sort of requests including reimbursement, purchase, leave and monthly budgets. It follows a series of steps to allow the proper processing and approval of any request by following a chain of offices and departments that the document concerns. Due to company growth and time changes, the process of approval manually has become increasingly difficult and time consuming which is why companies have moved to using something called an Automated Approval Workflow System.

Why do we need an Automated Approval Workflow System?

A variety of businesses have created a workflow system which needs approvals of any document at various stages to verify and establish the validity of any document. The processes are arduous, time consuming and require too much manpower for the approval of one simple document. For example,

  • A man has made any payments on behalf of his company and requires reimbursement, he will put in a spreadsheet documenting all the bills and payments he has made that he needs to be reimbursed for.
  • The spreadsheet will then be passed on to his boss who will either approve it or send it back to the employee for changes.
  • From the boss, it goes to the finance department after approval, for them to review the payments and the bills, who again can ask for revisions or send it to the payment department after approval. This is when the employee finally gets paid by the business.

The process takes so much time due to the document being stuck with a department for weeks at a time. The need for an Automated Workflow System increases with each moment that the processing of a document is delayed. It saves time and speeds up the document processing by multiple days.

How does an Automated Approval Workflow System work?

Approval Workflow System

It is a software that has multiple different interfaces with different options, like forms for different types of approvals and entry of every sort of document that requires multiple levels of processing before approvals like project reports or budget approvals.

The data is all in one place for the corporation and different departments can access their respective files without the hassle of going through chain emails or manual printing.

What are some important features of the best Automated Approval Workflow System?

  • Easy integration - One of the most important features of an Approval Workflow System is the easy integration of documents from the system to other apps like Google Workspace or Dropbox.
  • Scalability - Another important feature is that an Automated Approval Workflow System should expand and improve with the company, The software should be able to keep up with the growth of a business.
  • Interactive UI - An Automated Approval Workflow System needs to have an easy to use interface  for the employees who do not have a background coding are also very handy with the interface.
  • Cloud Based Technology - A good Automated Approval Workflow System needs to have a cloud based storage facility so that there are copies of data available at any time for any person under the establishment to access any documentation at any time and from anywhere. The cloud based technology also aids in storage of data in one place incase of misplacement of manual records.
  • Security - Another important feature of a system like this is security. A good Workflow System will ensure the security of important documents and confidential information so as to protect the client data and trade information of the Company.
  • Reporting and Analysis - An automated Approval Workflow System needs a good analytics system that records all the processing of the documents and data as well as reporting any change in trends it records from the documentation of the establishment and analyses relevant trends.
  • Form Accessibility - One more feature that makes a good Automated Approval Workflow System is the form accessibility in the software so any kind of form that records any sort of employee information or input like reimbursement claims or Human Resources surveys about employee satisfaction.

What are the advantages of these kinds of systems?

An Automated Approval Workflow System lessens paperwork, manual processing of information along with removing the risk of improper approvals as well as duplication of data. It also aids with the security of confidential information and the hassle of spread out data in multiple different areas like paperwork or email chains by centralising it due to cloud based technology and storage.

Another advantage of Approval Workflow System is the digitalising of all the information in one place allows the integration of it with other apps, for example, to give a client a blueprint of a project, the approved file can be added to your Google drive and downloaded or shared straight away with the client without going through hundreds of files of other departments to find the final document.

Which is the Best Automated Approval Workflow System?

Approval Workflow System

One of the best Approval Workflow System seems to be BoloForms. Efficient, user friendly, and easily accessible, BoloForms seems to be the future of Automated Approval Workflow System.

What is the price range for an Automated Approval Workflow System?

With BoloForms, you have the options to choose between multiple payment plans according to your needs and the growth of your business. It starts with a free option and moves on to Rs. 2500 and ranges up to Rs. 10,000. Their payment options will allow you to contact them personally according to the size of your business and the range of options that will be available to you according to the price that you pay. All in all, it is a wonderful investment for a growing business that wants to shift towards complete automation and digitization of the Approval Workflow System.

It is important to make the right choice for the growth of your organisation and manual entries and approvals delay the process by days on end. An Automated Workflow System removes the hassles of paperwork, delayed working of the organisation, improper processing and bottleneck situations where conclusions seem impossible. An Automated Approval Workflow System increases the growth and efficiency of the company and its employees while making the workflow easier for everyone involved. The future of business growth lies in efficiency and the Automated Workflow System by Boloforms is the path to that.