SORTBY Function in Excel: Simplify Sorting Your Data

Use the SORTBY function in Excel to simplify sorting your data. Understand the different arguments and how to use the function to arrange data quickly and efficiently. Learn how to sort by multiple criteria and save time while sorting your data.


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Sorting data in Excel is an important skill that can help you work more efficiently and make better use of your data. The SORTBY function in Excel is a powerful tool that can be used to quickly and easily sort data based on specific criteria.

The SORTBY function takes three arguments: the data range, the first sorting criteria, and the second sorting criteria. The function will then return a range of cells that have been sorted according to the criteria that you specified. For example, if you wanted to sort a column of names alphabetically, you would use the formula =SORTBY(A1:A10,"Name",ASC).

In addition to sorting by a single criterion, the SORTBY function can also be used to sort data by multiple criteria. For example, if you wanted to sort a table of sales numbers by both salesperson name and region, you could use the formula =SORTBY(A1:C10,"Name",ASC,"Region",ASC). This would sort the data from A1 to C10 based on the salesperson name in ascending order, followed by the region in ascending order.

The SORTBY function can save you valuable time when sorting data in Excel. With just a few simple arguments, you'll be able to quickly and easily sort data based on specific criteria.


Paresh Deshmukh

Co-Founder, BoloForms

28 Feb, 2023

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