Navigating the Digital Signature Landscape: Converting Signatures for Security and Safeguarding Against Forgery

16 Sep, 2023
Paresh @Boloforms
7 min read
Navigating the Digital Signature Landscape: Converting Signatures for Security and Safeguarding Against Forgery


Digital signatures have become indispensable tools in today's corporate landscape. They offer a secure and efficient alternative to handwritten signatures, particularly when remote approvals are required. In this article, we'll explore the world of digital signatures, how to convert your handwritten signature into a digital one, and the crucial role they play in modern document handling. We'll also introduce you to a powerful tool that simplifies the digital signature process.

The Rise of Digital Signatures

In today's corporate landscape, where speed and security are paramount, digital signatures have emerged as indispensable tools. They provide a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional handwritten signatures, especially in scenarios that demand remote approvals. Whether it's signing contracts, authorizing transactions, or notarizing documents, digital signatures have transformed the way businesses operate.

What Is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature is the electronic counterpart of a handwritten signature. It serves the same purpose but with added security measures. Digital signatures use a mathematical method known as public-key cryptography to verify the authenticity and integrity of digital documents. They are legally binding in many countries, providing the same level of trust as traditional signatures.

Will Digital Signatures Replace Handwritten Ones?

With the rise of flexible work styles and the convenience of digital signatures, they are increasingly replacing handwritten ones. Electronic signatures, such as those facilitated by the signature tool we'll discuss, can stand in for handwritten signatures in many situations, providing legal validity and security.

Forgery: What Is It? Who in their right mind would want to fake my signature?

Forgery, which includes signing someone else's name without their permission, is the act of producing a fraudulent document or modifying an already existing one. The act of forging someone's signature is a serious offense that can leave the victim dealing with serious issues. This is especially true when crucial legal documents are involved in the crime. For an act to be considered forgery and for the perpetrator to be charged with a crime, certain requirements must often be met.

It's critical to check that your personal information isn't being misused in the modern world, when falsified documents and contracts may be produced and used more quickly than before. You can protect your signature and essential papers with digital solutions like Signature.

Enhancing Security with Digital Signatures

Digital signatures rely on public-key cryptography to ensure the security, precision, and authenticity of documents. Only the signer has access to the private key, while the recipient uses the public key to decode the document's data. This robust encryption process safeguards documents from tampering and impersonation.

Protecting Your Digital Identity

In this age of rapid digital communication and document sharing, it is imperative to safeguard your digital identity. The speed at which falsified documents and contracts can be generated and utilized necessitates proactive measures. It is in this context that digital solutions like the tool we will introduce play a crucial role.

How to Handle a Signature Forgery Situation

If you think someone has used a fake document in your name, you should follow a three-step procedure. It's critical to move swiftly as you implement the following actions:

Inform the Beneficiary

A number of parties may be involved in legal forms. Make careful to get in touch with everyone who has a stake in the falsified paper.

Submit a Report

You need to call the police if you believe you may have been a victim of a forgery crime, you know who the forger is, and you have particular information that could aid the police in their investigation. Another party, such as a creditor, may need a police report for their investigation.

If you think you've been a victim of a crime Collect as much proof as you can in cases where falsified signatures have been utilized, whether in paper or digital form.

Account statements, for instance, will be useful to show that the culprit has been spending your money without your consent if someone has accessed your credit card or bank account. No matter where you live, you should get legal counsel if needed because forgery is a serious felony.

Consult a reputed law office where a dependable lawyer or attorney can help you with legal guidance, before signing any legal documents, you should carefully read them. You require assistance creating legal documents and evidence because you believe you may have been a victim of forgery.

What you should keep in mind

There are many opportunities for scammers to misuse your signature. Your best defense is to use an online solution like BoloForms. Their platform can help ensure all signatures on your documents (not just your own) are not forged. If you think someone has used your forged signature, react quickly; take the steps above to restore your good name.

Protecting Your Digital Identity

In this age of rapid digital communication and document sharing, it is imperative to safeguard your digital identity. The speed at which falsified documents and contracts can be generated and utilized necessitates proactive measures. It is in this context that digital solutions like the tool we will introduce play a crucial role.

Handling Signature Forgery and Identity Theft

Forgery of signatures is a serious concern, with criminals potentially gaining access to your finances, personal data, or legal obligations. If you suspect someone has forged your signature, it's crucial to take immediate action, including informing relevant parties and reporting the incident.

Using BoloForms For E-Signatures

To swiftly and effortlessly convert a wet signature into a digital format, turn to an eSignature app like Boloforms. No need for traditional paper printing and manual signing.

BoloForms, a user-friendly, free PDF signing app, is readily downloadable on computers and mobile devices. It enables users to create digital versions of their handwritten signatures using a mouse or stylus, with font customization options. What sets it apart is its efficient document management, handling multiple documents requiring signatures from various parties. It sends tracks, and streamlines communication with recipients, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Open the PDF on

Begin by logging in to your account. Navigate to the menu and select "Sign in."
Upload the PDF that you want to get signed, to do so click on PDF.

BoloForms Dashbord

Step 2: Fill the details and Upload the PDF to get a digital wet signature
Firstly, enter the recipient's information into the designated fields. Once you've input all the necessary details, simply click the "Add" button to include this recipient in the list. To ensure your changes are retained, don't forget to press the "Save" button after you've finished making any modifications.

Enter Email and Name of the recipient

Step 3: Upload the PDF

To upload your PDF, use the "Upload File" button. Alternatively,  you can drag and drop your file into the designated area labeled "Drop Here."
Then click on confirm.

Upload Your PDF to be Signed

Step 4: Add the Signature Field

To include the signature field in your PDF, simply drag and drop it onto the document where you want the signature. Then, select the recipient's name and click "send."

Select Add Field

Step 5: Digitally sign a document

Access the email you received and initiate the signing process by clicking on "Start Signing." This action will open the PDF document intended for electronic signature.

Start Signing

Step 6: Create a Digital Signature

Our online wet signature generator offers two convenient methods for creating a wet signature. You can either use the "Upload Image" option, where you'll need a scanned image of your wet signature in PDF format, or opt for the "Draw" tab, which allows you to craft your signature using your mouse, digital pen, or stylus. If you need to make adjustments, the "Clear" button is there to help. Once you're content with the outcome, the application will save your signature as a digital image.

In compliance with the Electronic Signature Disclosure Act, any electronic signatures you generate through our platform are legally recognized as your official wet signatures when you confirm their use by checking the designated box.

Signature Page


In today's corporate landscape, digital signatures have become indispensable for secure and efficient document handling, especially in remote approval scenarios. Digital signatures, akin to their handwritten counterparts, offer enhanced security through public-key cryptography, ensuring document authenticity and integrity, and they hold legal weight in many countries.

As flexible work styles and digital collaboration take center stage, digital signatures are steadily replacing traditional handwritten ones due to their convenience and legal validity. However, this digital shift also brings concerns like signature forgery and identity theft. Vigilance and prompt action are crucial if you suspect a forged signature, with reporting being a key step to protect yourself.

To simplify the conversion of handwritten signatures into digital formats, user-friendly tools like BoloForms offer efficient solutions, streamlining document management and enhancing workflow. Digital signatures are not just a trend but a necessity in today's digital world, providing the security and efficiency needed for modern document handling. Embrace this future of signatures and safeguard your digital transactions with confidence.