Match Data with this Excel Formula for Match

30 Jan, 2023
Paresh @Boloforms
1 min read
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Matching data between different sets of data in Excel can be difficult, especially when you need to compare multiple columns of information. Fortunately, using the Excel formula MATCH & INDEX can make this task much easier. The MATCH & INDEX formula gives users the ability to find specific values within a range of data and return information based on the position of that value.

The MATCH function is used to identify the relative position of a value in an array or range. This function will search for a specified value in a range and return its relative position. For example, if you had a column of data with student names and you wanted to know the position of a specific name, the MATCH function would be able to tell you the position of that student’s name.

The INDEX function is used to retrieve a value from a range of data based on its position. This function takes the relative position determined by the MATCH function and returns the corresponding value. So, if you used the MATCH function to determine the position of a student’s name, the INDEX function would return the student’s associated grade.

When combined, the MATCH & INDEX formulas can be used to quickly match data between two different sets of data. By combining these two functions, you can easily look up values in one range based on the corresponding value in another range.

In conclusion, the MATCH & INDEX formulas are powerful tools for matching data between different sets of data in Excel. By understanding how to use these functions, you can save time and increase accuracy when performing data matching tasks.