How to Sign a Word Document on a Mac (Free)

20 Oct, 2023
Paresh @Boloforms
6 min read

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Even as we move further towards digitizing the entire world, signing documents still remains a crucial and necessary part of all our lives. From business deals to legal documentation, signing is the ultimate check mark for verification of any document. 

Today we will understand how to tackle a new and common problem, how to sign a Word document on a Mac. We will learn about the best and easiest way to use digital signing softwarethat to tackle this problem.

Easiest ways to sign a Word document on a Mac device-

There are a couple of ways to choose from when thinking about document signing on a Mac. These are the best and easiest ways to make your signing process short, simple, and concise.


BoloForms is one of the hottest and easy-to-use tools available on the market to handle all your signing needs. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and dependable digital signing too, BoloForms is the way to go.

This tool simplifies the entire process making it more efficient and effective and thus the best digital signing tool available. It provides you with a step-by-step walkthrough and keeps track of your documents, signature requests, etc.

Simply go to BoloForms home site and create your account to Sign a Word Document on a Mac and get a free demo and a trial period.


Click on the BoloForms Signature tab.

BoloForms Signature tab.

Choose to Sign In or book your free demo

Sign In Page

Log in with your credentials or create a new account using your Google or Microsoft account or your personal email. 

Now you need to convert the Word Document to a PDF file in three simple steps. Click on the “File” section and then click on “Export”. From there simply click on “Export as PDF File”.

Once you have signed up or logged in, you will be directed to the BoloForms Dashboard. The dashboard is the one-stop easel for all your documents and digital signing requirements.

PDF Option

Click on the “Upload PDF document for Signature” tab to start the process.

Fill in the details and Upload the PDF to get a digital wet signature

Upload the PDF file and enter the name and email of the signer. At this stage, you can create Multiple Signers if you need to and send out the document to be signed by multiple people. 

The Email Subject and Email Body are useful template tools that you can use to specify a general subject and message body to be sent to all the signers.

Once you have filled in the appropriate information, click on the Confirm button to move forward with the signing process.

Choose amongst the Signers which you added in the previous step.

Sign PDF Option

Move the “Your Signature” box to the desired location repeat with all the signers and click on “Send”. 

All the signers will get a Signature request on the PDF you have sent and you can track the progress using the “BoloForms Dashboard”.

Signature Page

Once you or the signers open the link sent to you in the email, You simply click on the “Your Signature” box, and from the pop-up window, you can “Draw”, “Upload Image”, “Type”, or use a previously  “Saved” signature in BoloForms. 

Once you have signed the document, click on “Done” and then “Finish Signing”, and Lo behold! You have successfully signed your document digitally.

After the Signer is finished Signing, they will be notified of all the people who have been asked to sign the document and you can see the real-time updates as to how many of the intended people have signed the document.

Response Page

Simply click on the “Download” button to download your signed PDF file.

Thus you saw some quick and easy ways to sign a Word document on a Mac. These are the step-by-step guides on how to use these methods and digitally add your signature to any document.


  • Free Trial available
  • Free Demo available
  • Easy to Use UI/UX
  • Works across devices


  • No mobile app

Use “Preview” for Signing Word Document in Mac

 To Sign a Word Document on a Mac using the Preview app:

  1. Convert the Word Document to a PDF. Click the “File” menu, select “Export”, and then click “Export as PDF”.
  2. Open the PDF document in Preview.
PDF preview
Word Document to a PDF
  1. Click the Show Markup Toolbar button (it looks like a pen and ruler) and click the Sign button.
  2. Choose Camera from the Sign menu.
  3. Hold your handwritten signature up to the camera.
  4. Click the Done button.
Create Signature
  1. Click the Sign button again and select your signature from the list.
  2. Click and drag the signature to the desired location in the PDF document.
Sign Page


  • Free to use
  • Pre-downloaded


  • Too many steps
  • Tedious process

Using Apple Pages

Despite the absence of native electronic signature functionality in Apple Pages, it is still possible to incorporate your signature as an image. You can simply add an image of your signature to the Pages document.

  1. Open the Word Document in Pages.
  2. You can either take a Screenshot of your signature by pressing [CMD + Shift + 4] and drag the crosshairs around your signature to capture the image.
  3. Or you can simply upload a picture of your signature from the gallery.
  4. Now in the document please resize the image and fit it according to your.

Thus you saw some quick and easy ways to sign a Word document on a Mac. These are the step-by-step guides on how to use these methods and digitally add your signature to any document.


  • Free to use
  • Native App


  • Too many steps
  • Tedious process


How to Sign a Word Doc on macOS?

Several methods can be used to add a digital signature to a Word document on a Mac device. One option is to use a dedicated digital signing solution provider like BoloForms. Alternatively, you can try one of the methods we have discussed above, such as uploading an image of your signature or converting a Word document to a PDF and using the Preview app.

Can I sign a Word on Mac for free?

Yes of course you can. There are multiple methods all differing in their complexity and tediousness. Thus you can choose whether you want the hassle-free BoloForms experience and avail of their free Demo and Trial or you can use the other methods. Using Preview and Apple Pages is completely free but just a little tedious and requires effort.

What is an Electronic Signature?

Electronic Signatures or E-signatures are nothing but a digitized or scanned copy of your signature. E-signatures are greatly useful in making the Signing process very smooth, focused, and time-saving.

It also reduces the man hours spent trying to collect a physical signature from all the different sources with every recipient getting the document through email, etc.

What’s the best option to sign a Word document on a Mac?

According to us, using a dedicated digital signature software like BoloForms is the best option since it provides you with an array of professional tools to help you sign and collect the signatures with relative ease. The process is quite basic and elementary as explained above and by using BoloForms you can even keep track of all the signers, resend them a reminder mail, keep track of multiple documents you sent for signing at the same place, and use many more such tools,your etc.


There are many different ways as you have seen to sign a Word Document on Mac, you can use any of the available methods from Preview to Apple Pages. You can also use an external digital signature collection and handling software like BoloForms. All these methods have their own benefits and cons but without any doubt, BoloForms stands out amongst them as the best method to handle Word Document Signing needs. It is a well-rounded tool with many small but very intuitive features that make the entire experience more pleasurable and streamlined for the customer. Thus BoloForms has to be the best choice amongst all of these to handle your Word Document Signing needs.

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