How to Calculate Percentage in Excel with this Simple Formula

Learn how to calculate percentages in Excel with the PERCENT function. Understand how to use the function and how it can be used to convert fractions and decimals into percentages. A beginner's guide to mastering the powerful feature of Excel spreadsheet.


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Calculating percentage in Excel is a common task that people use for various applications. Whether you want to calculate the profit margin or simply compare different values relative to one another, understanding how to calculate percentage in Excel is an important skill. Fortunately, Excel provides a quick and easy way to perform this calculation using the PERCENT function.

The PERCENT function is used to calculate a percentage value of a given number. It takes two arguments: the number and the policy (the rate at which the number will be calculated). To calculate the percentage, simply enter the formula =PERCENT(number, policy) into the cell where you want the result to appear. You can also use the PERCENTRANK or PERCENTILE functions to calculate the percentile rank or the percentile, respectively.

For example, if you wanted to calculate the profit margin of a product with a price of $50 and a cost of $20, you would enter the following formula into an Excel spreadsheet cell: =PERCENT(50, 20). This would return the result 0.4, which is equivalent to 40%.

In addition, the PERCENT function can also be used to convert a fraction or decimal into a percentage. For example, if you wanted to convert the fraction 2/3 into a percentage, you would enter the following formula into a cell: =PERCENT(2/3). This would return the result 66.67%, which is equivalent to 2/3.

In conclusion, the PERCENT function in Excel is a quick and easy way to calculate the percentage of a given number. By understanding how to use this function, you'll be able to perform calculations and analyze data in your spreadsheets more efficiently.


Paresh Deshmukh

Co-Founder, BoloForms

30 Jan, 2023

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