14 Legal Document Examples & Templates To Use!

2 Jan, 2024
Paresh @Boloforms
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14 Legal Document Examples & Templates To Use!

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Accessing legal documents is a necessity for many, yet the cost of personalized documents from a law firm can be prohibitive. To address this, we're providing a collection of 14 meticulously reviewed free contract templates. These templates are designed to offer flexibility, allowing you to select the one that suits your needs, personalize it to your specifications, and easily facilitate online signing.

Let's explore these resources to simplify your document needs!

Brought to you by boloforms.com, these complimentary legal document templates are readily available for your use. Choose the template that aligns with your requirements, and effortlessly tailor it by filling in the necessary details to craft a personalized legal contract.

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) serves as a safeguard for your sensitive information whenever you're required to share it with other entities. It's an invaluable tool for safeguarding intellectual property and confidential data. By establishing legal boundaries, this contract restricts and prohibits the sharing of disclosed sensitive information by the involved parties.

NDAs, commonly employed as confidentiality agreements, have widespread applicability across various industries. Often integrated into employment contracts for new hires, these agreements serve to deter employees from divulging company information to unauthorized third parties.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

2. Work From Home Policy

The rise in remote work setups has been a significant shift for many companies. The increased reliance on digital tools and the ability to operate beyond traditional office settings have fundamentally changed the business landscape. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly influenced how work is organized and executed.

Creating a work-from-home policy is pivotal in establishing guidelines and expectations for your workforce. It allows you to define protocols necessary for managing remote work effectively while safeguarding your company's interests. This guide will assist you in crafting a comprehensive work-from-home policy tailored to your specific needs, providing the essential framework and resources for establishing clear guidelines.

Work From Home Policy

3. Property Management Agreement

This Property Management Agreement facilitates the establishment of clear and exclusive rights concerning a property, outlining the terms between the entrusted agent and the property owner.

Designed for real estate agents, this legal document empowers them to manage properties on behalf of owners, including responsibilities such as selling or renting properties while specifying the agent's compensation. Additionally, this contract grants the agent authority to handle tenant disputes, conduct property inspections and maintenance, screen potential tenants or buyers, and market the property for sale or rent.

Property Management Agreement

4. Payment Plan Agreement

This Payment Plan Agreement is a precise legal contract that establishes terms wherein one party commits to making a specific, one-time payment to another party.

Similar to a formalized promissory note, this agreement provides the flexibility to structure the payment in installments and mutually agree on the collection schedule and method for ensuring the timely receipt of the payment.

Payment Plan Agreement

5. Non-Compete Agreement

This Non-Compete Agreement empowers an employer to hire an employee while establishing restrictions on the utilization of the employee's gained expertise and insights to assist or join competitors.

By implementing this legally binding contract, business owners can confidently train new employees, sharing valuable company knowledge to enhance their skills, while mitigating the risk of employees using that knowledge to the detriment of the business.

It's essential to note that the enforceability of non-compete agreements varies based on their specificity and reasonableness, subject to the discretion of local government regulations. These agreements need to align with the local government's standards to be legally enforceable.

Non-Compete Agreement

6. Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template facilitates agreement among two or more parties regarding their roles and intentions in a negotiation or collaborative endeavor.

An MOU serves as a valuable tool when multiple parties seek to establish a shared direction. It outlines the planned course of action and delineates the specific roles each party will undertake within this collective framework.

Memorandum of Understanding

7. Loan Agreement

The Loan Agreement stands as a fundamental legal document, offering a platform to set forth uncomplicated loan terms. Within this agreement, the borrower furnishes a sworn statement outlining their commitment to repaying the loan.

Additionally, this template includes sections for delineating payment structures, provisions for late fees, and other relevant details. It provides the opportunity to specify the precise loan amount being extended from one party to another and articulate the agreed-upon repayment terms.

Loan Agreement

8. Employment Contract Agreement

This Employment Contract Agreement is designed to facilitate the hiring process, defining the roles and responsibilities of hired talent as employees, along with their corresponding compensation. Furthermore, the agreement comprehensively outlines the employment benefits offered and specifies the grounds for immediate termination of employment.

Considered a cornerstone among your repertoire of essential legal document templates, this comprehensive contract plays a pivotal role in formalizing employment relationships by laying out crucial terms and conditions.

Employment Contract Agreement

9. Rental Agreement Example

This rental agreement allows for the input of details from both the tenant and the landlord concerning the rental property.

It serves as a versatile lease agreement suitable for both personal and commercial rentals. Within this template, you can specify the payment terms, including details on rent payment frequency and schedule, along with outlining the duration of the property rental and the termination clauses. The language used is deliberately simple and clear, ensuring that all involved parties can easily comprehend the terms and clauses.

10. Sublease Agreement

This Sublease Agreement empowers tenants to sublet their rental property to a third party, outlining the specifics of the arrangement.

Within this document, details such as the designated parts of the property to be sublet, the duration of the sublease, and the agreed-upon rent amount are stipulated. However, it's crucial to note that the enforceability of these contracts is contingent upon the original tenant's contract permitting the subletting of the property.

Sublease Agreement

11. Sales Agreement

This Sales Agreement template aids in defining the terms and conditions agreed upon by both the buyer and seller when acquiring a product or service.

While not mandatory for every transaction, Sales Agreements serve as valuable legal documents, especially in significant or enduring purchase agreements. They prove beneficial for maintaining purchase records and ensuring clarity and consensus between the involved parties.

Sales Agreement

12. Independent Contractor Agreement

This Independent Contractor Agreement template streamlines the process of engaging third-party contractors and outlines their precise job descriptions and corresponding rates.

Partnering with independent contractors alleviates the need to recruit extensive in-house teams or oversee multiple departments. This agreement plays a crucial role in defining the tasks of independent contractors and establishing the terms and conditions essential for fulfilling the contract and ensuring timely payments. It serves as a mechanism to uphold accountability for all parties involved.

Independent Contractor Agreement

13. Commission Agreement

This Commission Agreement creates a transparent system for determining commissions for individuals or businesses based on the income they generate for a company.

Covering all essential aspects, this template effectively outlines and enforces the commission structure, specifying the amounts and terms essential for both parties to validate the contract.

Commission Agreement

14. Service Agreement

This Service Agreement itemizes the services offered, and their corresponding rates, and establishes a payment schedule and termination terms.

Serving both as an invoice and a legal document, this form effectively documents and enforces business transactions, providing a clear record of the services provided and their associated terms for both parties involved.

Service Agreement

Legal documents play a pivotal role in establishing and enforcing contracts without the need for costly legal assistance. These documents serve as protective instruments, ensuring clarity and comprehension of legal processes or transactions among involved parties.

They provide each party with a documented agreement, enabling further review by legal experts for fairness and convenience, and allowing all involved parties to possess their copy of the written agreement.

The ubiquity of legal documents stems from their versatility, proving indispensable across diverse situations. From facilitating joint venture agreements between large corporations to outlining prenuptial arrangements between individuals, legal documents cater to varied needs and ensure the protection of the interests of all parties involved.

Steps for Crafting and Executing Legally Binding Documents

Embracing the ease and accuracy of legal document templates streamlines the process of swiftly filling in pertinent transaction details and involved party information. This method allows for the creation of a robust, legally binding document within moments. However, it's imperative to source templates from reputable companies or websites with legal expertise to ensure reliability and sound legal advice.

Crafting Personalized Documents with Caution

Creating documents from scratch offers unparalleled customization, yet requires legal proficiency or guidance from a lawyer. While this method grants freedom in tailoring contracts, it typically comes at a higher cost. This approach becomes necessary for intricate business agreements or long-term partnerships that demand specific terms and conditions.

Executing Document Signatures: Traditional and Digital Avenues

After finalizing the document, arranging an in-person signing appointment or mailing physical copies remains a viable option. Alternatively, embracing digital signatures provides convenience, allowing all parties to sign from any device. Platforms like BoloForms streamline this process, expediting the acquisition of legal signatures in a fraction of the time. Such platforms guide signatories through the digital signature process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

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A well-constructed legal document must encompass specific crucial elements. Primarily, it should articulate its purpose, outlining its existence and intent. It's vital to include all relevant details, such as facts, addresses, quotes, and pertinent data pertinent to the agreement.

Furthermore, every legal document should feature the complete names of all involved parties and essential information, allocating space for each party's signature. Depending on location and document type, there may be one or multiple signing areas for the parties involved.

  1. Will: This legal document dictates the distribution of possessions in the event of your passing.
  2. Power of Attorney: Empowers individuals to make decisions on your behalf. It can encompass healthcare or financial powers, enabling designated individuals to act in your stead.
  3. Living Will: Allows you to express your desires regarding life-sustaining treatment or end-of-life care if you are incapacitated.

Not all written agreements automatically qualify as legal documents. A written contract, while detailing each party's responsibilities, might not be legally binding. To attain legal status, a written agreement must demonstrate elements such as offer and acceptance, consideration, and intention, and feature the written signature of a valid signatory. These elements collectively establish the legal validity of the document.

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